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    Quote Originally Posted by Anderlith View Post
    As addendum, what would be the best module for a “classic” D&D adventure nothing too odd like Out of the Abyss.
    I'd probably roll with Lost Mines of Phandelver, one of the modules from Tales from the Yawning Portal or, if she wants to run something longer, Storm King's Thunder. SKT is good high fantasy, and most of the prep work is further into the module, giving her time to get used to things. Tales has a good reputation, though I haven't personally run anything from it. Roommate has good things to say about Lost Mines, and as part of the starter set it's probably basic enough to let her find her feet. It transitions pretty seamlessly into SKT, too, which is a plus. SKT may even have guidelines for doing so in the introduction.

    Of the other modules, Tomb of Annihilation is very fiddly and has several bits that are quite difficult to run in ways that are actually fun; Out of the Abyss has organizational problems and weird-ish tone; Curse of Strahd is a very different tone but a great module; and Princes of the Apocalypse has tremendous organizational problems, an issue with a missing NPC, a hook that shouldn't be where it is, and a bunch of sandbox content that doesn't add much to the story. Conceptually it's good, but it needs a lot of cleaning up and preparation.
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