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    Default Re: Brutal full contact lethal damage training

    Quote Originally Posted by Conradine View Post
    As always, it's just a thought experiment.
    ...combat ( but stopping before a shot could cause death )
    How can you reliably stop before you kill someone, under d20/D&D 3 & 3.5 & PF rules?

    A critical hit from a bow, or a greataxe, or scythe or similar high multiplier weapon has a significant risk of outright killing a low level target in a single hit.
    People in training are probably low level, as they need the training - and a greataxe critical can deliver 3d12 + 3x(STR bonus x1.5).
    For an attacker of STR 14, that's an average of 28.5 damage: probably enough to reduce anyone 1st level to -10 hp or more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Conradine View Post
    ...traps ( but not enough to kill )
    Again, some traps roll to attack, so they can critically hit - and you're into the same issue as the combat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Conradine View Post
    ...spellcasting ( but no insta death spells )
    And again, some spells roll to hit, so you might (less likely) run into the same problems.

    You can avoid the critical hit problem by using weapons and traps and spells that don't have those high multipliers - but......

    Quote Originally Posted by Conradine View Post
    Two questions:

    1- would that be enough to gain real XP?

    2- doing this too much risk driving the characters crazy?
    1- If you restrict the training to avoid the problem with criticals, then I'd say that you can't really award experience for it. If you don't restrict it in that way, then it is a real threat, and you should be gaining XP. Maybe at a reduced rate, because you're aware that there's a safety net so to speak, but still you are running the risk of death.

    2- Yeah, sure, if you want to use sanity rules. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real thing, and it doesn't just take combat to trigger it. People suffer for mental health issues from any period of prolonged stress - civilians in war, victims of bullying and harassment, witnesses to disturbing events.
    Most important question: is it fitting to your game table to have characters with mental health problems?
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