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Thread: The new general "Dominions 5" Thread

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    On average, 25% of Mystics are S2, 12.5% are F2, 12.5% are W2, 12.5% are E2, and the remaining 37.5% have no paths above 1. Mystics are good mostly because Communions are good; if you for some reason aren't using Communions, or if we're dealing with a hypothetical Mystic-like mage who had the same randoms but who traded guaranteed S1 away for a guaranteed level of A/N/D, cost reduction, or some ability that isn't a guaranteed path-level, they'd be a lot worse because their path combinations are unreliable and a lot of them aren't natively strong enough in any path or combination of paths to make good battle mages without some form of gem investment.

    Also, I agree with Manticoran - in general, I would much rather have an X2Y1 mage with guaranteed paths than Mystics upon which to base my battle mage corps. Mystics aren't particularly powerful Communion Masters, the variability of their paths often means that the ones that become Communion Slaves tend to be exhausted rapidly, and Communions can be somewhat iffy for X2/X3 battle magic, especially if you're relatively unlucky and don't get any Mystics with more than 1 level in whatever path you're looking to cast from, because X2/X3 battle magic tends to want many casters, and a Communion with many masters and few slaves exhausts its slaves rapidly while a more balanced Communion requires a lot more mages to get the same number of active casters. A guaranteed specific X2Y1 combination might be more predictable, but it's easier to plan around and doesn't cost you a decent chunk of your mage corps in Communion Slaves.
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