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    Default Re: New GM looking for help on story for an M&M game

    Quote Originally Posted by IcyToast49 View Post
    My friends and I have mostly only played DND 5e, and we wanted to expand into other systems such as call of cthulhu , shadow run, savage world etc. But we decided to start with mutants and masterminds. I'm GM-ing because I know the most about the medium (Superheroes) and was wondering how I should build the plot of the adventure that the heroes are going to embark on. The only thing that is for certain is that the pc's are going to be teenagers (9th graders, PL 8) attending an government-funded university in Colorado where they're trained by other super heroes to use their powers in in useful ways for the good of humanity (kinda like Avengers Academy).

    The PC's are as follows:
    Justin - Shadow Stalker (Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Portals, etc.)
    Tanner - Lucky Charm (Leprechaun, I could say more but I think that sums it up)
    Campbell - Undecided (Probably something elemental)
    Jonah - Undecided (I truly don't know)

    And I have several teacher NPC's made or thought of:

    (The) Bullet - Principal
    Trickshot - Math
    (The) Tarantula - Biology
    (The) Spark-Plug - English
    (The) Sphinx - World History
    Tecton - Geography
    TurboSpin - Physical Education
    The) Scribbler - Art
    (The) Fool - Drama/Theatre
    Rustbelt - Woodshop
    (The) Blue Demon - Spanish
    (The) Decoder- Computer Science

    I was wondering how I could make the story interesting, and flesh it out with interesting side characters and villains . Because I don't really have any idea for a plot beyond like bad guy attacks the school which has been done so many times (x-men, my hero academia, avengers academy, etc.) There's also a nearby fictional town/city named Hillford, about 50-60 miles away from Denver.
    You have a school full of supers. Pit them against each other.

    Each "input" of students must learn how to work as a group, as they're given various orders throughout the day that they must find a way to fulfill, often involving other students. Maybe there's a golden egg that determines the winner at the end of the day that the group must get their hands on. Teachers occasionally take the students out on "field trips", where they assist the local town with various laborious duties (repairing buildings), threats (fires or car chases), or even mundane problems (rescuing kittens from trees).

    Maybe there are "fire drills" that involve some "bad guy" (a teacher) that attacks and the students must react to the threat. With the powers of illusions, telekinetics, and reality warping, the teachers are capable of making things extremely realistic, and so the students are taught to treat every threat as real until a teacher explains to them what is fake.

    The catch is, one of the teachers is causing real murders, and only telling students when the "drill" is over when it's most opportune to do so.

    Some students are told others are bad guys, and vice versa, and effectively a civil war breaks out within the school. Of course, they're conditioned at this point to treat every threat as "real", and so they go ham on each other.
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    5th Edition Homebrewery

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