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Yes, Bards! Very excited for this set.

Rich, do you have a recommendation for a good cardstock to print these on? I've been using regular paper up until now, and while that's been mostly ok there have been some minor issues with the minis not staying upright during combat. I walked into a Staples the other day and there seemed to be 3,000 different types of paper. Is there a specific brand/type you use when setting up the minis for your example photos?
Obviously i'm not Rich, but I've dabbled with different papers with these. Normal copy/printer paper does work, and some of the first I printed were this, but I find them a little flimsy/they don't stand up great. Small coins could help this, but I'd have to go out of my way to get pennies here so...

Otherwise I've been using 180gsm and I think 220gsm- and they get sellotaped on the bases. Personally I like the higher gsm, but 180 is cheaper and is working fine.

Also, I'm so enthused that there are Firenewts and Giant Striders! I manually recoloured Lizardfolk and did a weird re-coloured mashup of Ostriches with one of the dinosaur heads to make mine a few months ago. If Firenewts come up again I'll definitely use these new ones and mine will become 'ellites' or something.

And Grippli! I can add them to my legion of Goblin/Toad mashups that I've been using for Grungs!

Another wonderful set, thanks again Rich!