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    Default Re: Mental Prison, if the target moves out of the area.....

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkVIIIMarc View Post
    See of hear! Got it. The PC has no idea it isn't real.

    Me as DM, "Jericho, you see a swirling mass of bone daggers rising from the ground to completely envelope you. The mass is soo thick and moving soo quickly you can't see through them and they make such a swirling air rushing racket you can hear nothing else." Then, make an Intelligence Saving throw" and give damage appropriately.

    On the next turn if he hasn't rushed or attacked them I'll have him make another Int save and so on. Id they stay I'll say they surround him perfectly.
    Keep in mind that the spell also Restrains him, so his speed is 0. He cannot move out of the area (edit: he can be moved by certain effects, but he can't just run out) until the spell ends.

    Also, he only gets one save for that spell.
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