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Thread: Celestia's Finest: Side-Bets

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    One of the best things after a long night. Free food hoof delivered.

    "The flavor was already headed through the door. Might as well enjoy it." Love smiles. It smells good.

    Wildcat's scrub isn't going to pause this train. The caboose enters the house at safe entry speed.

    Love carries the takeout bag in a hoof as she walks. The bag is big. Large enough for two stallions. Too small for three stallions so Love has another bag on her person for that third stallion. "I love Bub's. They know how to cook a burger. Dripping with flavor. Fries are large and seasoned right. I like the regular fries myself. They have sweet potato waffle fries, but the flavor is too dense for my style. Doesn't pair as well with the hayburger. Plenty of ice cream flavors on the menu if that's a pony's thing."
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