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OK, to be fair here, the prior owners here kept the place in otherwise wonderful condition (as well as building a second, detached garage with large second floor, and kept it all unfinished so it didnt add nearly as much to the price as it could have, and as it will whenever we sell. Buy a house, get a bonus income stream from the detached apartment! That's a steal and a half right there), it's only the painting over wallpaper that gets me. Besides, at least it gave us a chance to upgrade the toilets while we were at it. These new ones are FANTASTIC.
Ooh, I'm in the market for new toilets as well. What did you end up going with?

(I'm in the somewhat awkward situation of currently having a low-end wimpy low-flow toilet in my main bathroom and an older sewer line that isn't sloped very aggressively and expects more water than it gets in these modern times. End result is that I run the bathtub in that bathroom once every few days Just In Case after some...incidents. I'm hoping a more vigorous low flow toilet will resolve the issue. It's mostly a problem in the summer when I don't otherwise use that bathtub since I mostly shower on my way into and out of the pool during pool season and the other bathroom is closer to the pool.)