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"You have very good taste and design sense." Rosalind continues, taking a seat on the long couch and crossing her legs. She subtly pats the spot beside her, as if inviting the redhead to take a seat. "So, crimefighter. Tell me some of your adventures, Fel." The harpy asks, removing her glasses in anticipation of something happening.
Felandria comes back into the living room with Roseís rum and coke and her own glass of wine, she settles onto the couch and hands Rose her drink.

Where do I even start, there was the big invasion of Riverside, fought a couple of big scary monsters, scared the rest of them off.

And then of course, there was the giant robot one time.........

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Fel's House

Violet pushes the last bit of her steak into her mouth as Fel talks about her hands. Damn those were large. She ruminates for a moment before standing up.

Ok, hangovers gone. Weird frog guy I'm gonna need you to be gone by the time we're done so I can pretend you didn't listen to anything. Violet walks over to Fel, reaching up to try and grab her hand and start towing her to where she thinks the bedroom is. Now you, we gotta make up for lost time. Come on.
Felís hand is grabbed by Violet, though Fel barely notices the attempt to be pulled upstairs as she responds to Neverest.

Well, of course, make yourself at home while you wait, if you need anything, just ask Reginald.

If youíll excuse me, I need to take care of something upstairs.

And Fel will casually head upstairs towards her bedroom, absentmindedly bringing Violet along.

Hopefully Violet can keep up, lest she get dragged upstairs.