He keeps a clean place. She can appreciate that. A little decoration never hurt no pony though. Was there something on the TV?

Love follows Wildcat to the table. She puts the bag down and reaches inside to remove foam polystyrene clam containers.

She chuckles. "We got you a 'Big Ugly'." A one pound burger. Lightly seared bread. Quality burger. Half melted cheese on top. Off to the side, ready to be assembled, is lettuce, tomato, pickle, and another seared bun. Bub's burgers only get so thick and so the burger/bun have grown outward to a comically large. The thing is the size of a pony's head. Love puts down another flip open container with his basket of fries.

"I'll take water." Love isn't big on soda.

"I went with the 'Not so Ugly."" Half Pound. Love unpacks the first bag and starts working on the second one. Her burger container is notable smaller so there is no confusing the two. If Longshot isn't going to be eating, Love is going to be eating that third burger herself. A 'Mini Bub'? Maybe, he has something else?