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Thread: Inside 68: Dawn of a New Season (or two)

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    The Palace - Veroni, Zace, and Kothar

    The odd words and phrasing cause Veroni to stop whatever she was about to do or say, and she gives Jace a puzzled look. Her eyes dart up and down, from the hand she's holding to the limp dragon, to her boyfriend's odd phrasing. She gives the hand a squeeze, silently admitting that yes, it was nice to hold hands finally, but she quirks a brow. " this is not normal. Well, the sappiness most definitely is. The double-speak isn't, but if I had to hazard a guess...Zebes, Jace, fair warning but if you two are fused still by the end of this, we are NOT making out until you're fixed." She warns with a frown before letting go of the hand and shrugging to Kothar.

    She even turns her back to him, as if not caring in the least, and takes a moment to flop back onto her throne lazily. "How" She tells Kothar with another shrug. "Oh no, I'm selfish and greedy and prideful. What ever shall you do?" She says dryly before rolling her eyes. "Yes, I'm insulting you. No, I really don't care. What I am curious about however is what you decide to do about it. Are you going to try and "heal" me? Try to pacify me or attack me? Or are you going to leave? You see me as a tyrant after all, but I've yet to raise more than my voice to you. The ball is in your court, Mr. Fun Police. You're the one that decides how this goes from here." She warns with a wave of her wing at him.

    The Palace - Group 2

    "We do not know, but she is not ours. She came aboard like you all many years ago. Go ahead and examine her if you wish."

    Up close, the doll, or perhaps more truthfully an android, reveals itself to not be entirely human in design. She sports a fluffy(if dusty) grey wolf tail, as well as a pair of wolf ears instead of human ones, but the other thing that is readily apparent is that despite all the destruction and damage around her...she's far from a combat model. She wears no armor, her externals aren't hardened, and right where the blade is stabbed through her, she has an exposed power core. The blade has severed cabling attached to the dim blue sphere, but other than that there wasn't any sign of damage. She was a model designed for elegance, for grace and show. She shouldn't have been capable of the damage around the room, but she still wore two ancient scabbards upon her hip. Her daisho was empty as the blades she had were likely destroyed if the chamber is anything to go by.

    The time to examine and do something is short however, for when Emily tackles the wielder of the blade, the air shimmers around the chamber as the creature's Active Camo fades. If Emily weighed over nine-hundred, then this thing must weigh OVER NINE THOUSAND!111!! since the centipedal creation was many times longer and larger than the smaller ones that had been destroyed. The length of it wraps around the entire chamber and it is as wide as a car with nearly a hundred mechanical legs, a couple dozen large segments to its body, and a single heavily armored four-limbed torso that Emily just tackled. The torso, arranged much like a centaur's would be, has two powerful arms and two more slender ones ending in blades that rise up from its back. For all of Emily's weight and force, it grapples with her and while it doesn't crash to the ground, it is pulled off balance enough to find it necessary for it to lower its first few segments to the ground for support but only after it throws Emily to the side. If she has enough mind to grab on as she is thrown, she might pull away one of the inch-thick armor plates upon its torso.

    Metalhead will find himself with plenty of surface area to target, especially if Emily is capable of pulling off a piece of armor, but the creature lacks an actual head. If his eyes are keen however, he'll see a glowing deep-red strip along the creature's body that acts as a sensor.

    From her vantage point up in the air, Jack will notice something else however. About half down the body, a broken blade sticks out several inches. The armor is badly cracked there and there are signs of corrosion given the time that has passed since the wound was given, but it would need quite a bit of force to drive it in or tear it out.

    Intersection HQ

    "I came here willingly, and it seems under the right assumptions as to how things have gone, so I'm not leaving the lobby. I won't hurt anyone, but if something goes down then I'm not letting myself be stopped by something as simple as a wall." Brokenfang explains to Ithuriel, sounding like she was disapproving of the entire situation despite appearing like she was enjoying it. "Or you." She warns.

    When Nick shows up however, Brokenfang looks at him curiously before speaking what's on her mind. "Gotta ask. How the hell do you draw that gun, let alone use it?"

    Golden Flock Orphanage

    Luckily for Mo, her mechanical mind doesn't tend to miscalculate things even if it is sluggish more often than not. Once they finally have a moment, she frowns at Ithuriel. "Clear us. I already messaged my girlfriend to ready a doc for me, but you're not letting us go that easily, are you? And you owe me an explanation about the other person." She adds, her voice getting grim as she refers to the babysitter.
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