Natsu seems indifferent to Mr. Miscreant, closing her eyes and seemingly nodding off in spite of the ship swaying a bit more. She's been through worse, apparently.

Pitch, however, narrows his eyes and jabs at an oat seed or two with a spiteful peck, before launching into a new tirade.

"Mythic, indeed! I am no hengeyokai, but a powerful! Magnificent, Astounding--


"Quiet, Natsu. Anyway! Look upon me with awe, Sir Simian, for I am a powerful wizard crow. Perhaps THE most powerful wizard crow in existence! Natsu is my porter. She--and I were sent forth on a very important mission and I won't have you making such a mess! Here I was about to gather my wits and play a game of go when your hedonism distracted me! Now, what are you going to do about it, hmmm????"