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    The pitching and yawning continues to increase making Go more difficult or easier to cheat at as the pieces slide around the board.

    *SPLOT* goes the deck above. *SPLOT*...*SPLA-LOT*

    The confused screams and panicked shouts of sailors carry though the decking. The ship feels like it is...spinning?

    Running foot falls...The cabin boy opens your curtain, steps though, closes it behind him, hides behind the bag of oats. "" he fearfully stutters.

    You only have time to look to each other when the curtain violently parts. (url if the link won't work)

    The halfling sized goblin squid thing screeches at you, but cuts off mid-screech when it catches sight of the dragonborne.

    "Hrurmmm?" The creature ***** its head in confusion. Edit: ***** is , in this case meaning 'to tilt'.

    (no initiative, Role play or rollplay to bash it.)
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