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This is the problem I'm trying to figure out. My best reading is simply finding any padded, leather and hide armor and simple substitute the material and thus the stats of the armor by following the rules giving in ToM. But I also see that most of these types of armors are actually already based on different materials to offer said difference from the PHB versions. However, I'm unsure of what the designers intended. Is Mammoth Leader armor any different than a normal leather armor, except for a thicker hide, thus equating to higher AC, or is it the tanning proces and amount of leather used to create the Mammoth Leader armor that improved upon the "normal" PHB version? And does it even matter?

It seems that the table in ToB you can create three different armors, with the same material. So why does some provide more armor than others, if its the same material? Really, they should all just be padded, since its cloth. Since that's not what happens, this leads me to believe that you can replicate the effects of different armors (cloth, leather and hide) to some degree by possible changing how much shadow silk is used, or possibly how its sewn. Question then becomes can you replicate a Mammoth Leather Armor then? Or could you replicate a Spidersilk armor?

Really, shadowsilk should have been a specific armor, like Nightscale armor, but instead they made it basically function like an armor template. So, as I see it, we are left with two options:

1) Treat it like a template, meaning any type of armor made from cloth, leather or hide, can be made with Shadowsilk, or

2) No matter what type of armor you make from Shadowsilk, its either going to be +1, +2, or +3 AC (As in the table in ToM), depending of how much shadowsilk you use. As in, thats the only options you have with shadowsilk because of its inherent properties.

Personally, and correct me if am wrong, but I think most options in D&D 3.5, regarding specific materials, follow along the line of option 1 - that the material should be treating essentially like a template applicable for any padded, leader or hide.

What do you guys think?
I think there are two interpretations of RAW. One being that any padded, leather or hide can be made with shadow silk regardless of what material its made with in the write-up. Second, you can only made the three armors in the table. No more, no less! - and no matter what, you can only choose to have any shadow silk armor either give 1 AC, 2 AC or 3 AC...

Which one should be adopted, who knows...

From a RAI, who knows...