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    Morim Talman

    Alias: Mo, the Toymaker, Grandpa Talman
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human (Born), Machine (Present)
    Age: Declined to share, though his voice and mannerisms imply that he's elderly (equivalent to a human 80-year-old)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning Good
    Class/Profession: Clockworker
    Power Rating: Variable- Talman himself is quite delicate (E- in a direct head-to-head fight), but he's fully capable of demonstrating powers up to about a C+ if sufficiently provoked (almost all of it by proxy, though).
    Description: Talman earns his name: he stands at almost 7 feet, in a slender wire frame, such that he's about 18 inches across the shoulders and maybe 12 across the hips. His face is clearly mechanical, lacking in any decorative plating, such that anyone talking to him can literally see the gears turning in his head. His clothing is a loose-fitting blue robe and a set of high-laced boots.
    Equipment: Talman doesn't typically carry anything of value on his person- some spending cash, various IDs as needed, and a few pieces of scrap metal. Beyond that, he only has the clothing on his back.
    Abilities: Talman has a way with machines, particularly clockwork- it's not an exaggeration to say he's something of an artist with them. Mechanical devices he's allowed to fiddle with freely take on extraordinary properties, ranging from pocket watches that whistle out merry tunes when checked to intelligent household appliances which will gladly sit and whittle on about the meaning of life while cleaning your laundry. Talman himself is such a device, but aside from what convention might tell you, he is not a particularly durable one; his components include filaments thinner than a hair, gears with very fine teeth, and a number of impossible mechanisms that can start and stop with a good, solid thump. All of this is powered by a small brass-colored box, barely the size of a child's palm, which does not bend, break, melt, or otherwise yield to any outside force; though it doesn't really do much without a proper body, either.
    Backstory: Talman is a maker of curiosities, specializing in children's toys. He has a local reputation for being polite and carrying quality work, but beyond that, there's not much about him that would qualify as common knowledge.
    Miscellaneous: ...Nah, that about covers it.


    Alias: N/a
    Gender: Not technically applicable, due to a lack of reproductive organs, but "his" voice is male.
    Race/Species: Frost Wraith(see below)
    Age: 15 weeks.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Covert operative
    Power Rating: B-.
    Description: Short-statured and pale, with a rotund body, a little taller than a human child. He wears a popped tophat, a threadbare scarf, and a light cloak, as well as a series of coal lumps where his eyes and mouth would be, making him resemble a child's snowman.
    Equipment: N/A
    Abilities: Nothing that isn't inherent to being a frost wraith (see below)
    Backstory: N/A
    Miscellaneous: N/A

    About Frost Wraiths:
    Frost wraiths are ephemeral beings, created for a singular, typically discrete task, which they live to complete. When their job is finished, the magic which gives them their life abruptly ceases, and they quickly fade from existence. Frost wraiths do not typically have a body; they only give a ghostly chill with their presence, which does not seem to be beholden to the laws of physics or the notion of tangibility. When they do take on a physical form, it's by necessity a conglomeration of ice and snow, shaped however they design; they can abandon this body at any time, and its destruction does not hamper them any longer than it takes to create another.

    Frost wraiths universally possess the powers of cryokinesis and limited aerokinesis; they can conjure ice and snow at will, maintain up to around 100 kilograms of frozen material, and move it around as they see fit, as well as manipulate wind into brief, powerful bursts (but cannot do anything with it that requires finesse). They produce ice and snow at a rate of about 1 cubic meter per hour (meaning it takes roughly six minutes for them to construct the heaviest body they can inhabit), and while they can create more than 100 kg worth of materials, they can't actively maintain or control something that heavy (and building a body out of it is out of the question). Fire can slow, but generally not stop them, since it'll melt their physical implements but can be quelled with enough effort on their part... or, should all else fail, they can simply abandon their current form and pass through the flame unharmed.

    A sufficiently powerful and knowledgeable wizard, warlock, sorcerer, or other spellcaster can create a frost wraith with a special blend of herbs mixed in melted mountain snow, as well as a recited incantation that ends with the frost wraith's designated task. It's also said that frost wraiths can sometimes be created spontaneously on high mountain peaks by non-magic-users, but by their nature, these frost wraiths are less predictable and do not answer to their supposed creator.
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