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    [Tauron's Temple]

    Tauron suddenly looks concerned as well. "A similar sensation you say? That shouldn't be..." He leans closer. "Would you mind describing what happened? I've never heard of either this 'Libra' or draegloth's."

    [New Inside - The Defense Council]

    "Why don't we see this as an opportunity instead? Inside is being hit hard by two different infections at once. If we just push things a bit further I believe that-"

    Judeen took a deep breath, if this had been a chat conversation and not the national defense council the text "many people are typing" would be displayed at the bottom of the chat window after that comment.
    "Like a military intervention?"
    "You seriously said that out-loud? You can't keep your genocidal thoughts inside your head anymore?"
    "We're not ready-"

    "Everyone calm down! Let him speak!" Judeen wouldn't accept this squabble at a moment like this. "Councilor Duron, please continue."

    Ignacio Duron gave her a polite nod before turning to the gathered defense councilors with a smile. "Thank you, defense minister. As I was saying, right now Inside is tearing itself apart but a military intervention would only unite them against us. Instead, our aim could be to play them out against one another. The end goal wouldn't be to take control of the city or 'genocide', it would be to force one of the many factions that defend the city to finally take control and ease the chaos. Bring some semblance of order to that place like during the days of the empire. The trick, and if you excuse my metaphor here, would be to bet on the right horse. One that would make sure things stop spiraling out of control there everyday. Someone that would enforce actual laws."

    There were scoffs and accusations following that, Judeen didn't find the plan very plausible either as Inside seemed to be impossible to bring to order. However, Duron seemed to have things in mind he wasn't telling them after meeting such resistance and considering his position within the Freedom defense league, it wouldn't be impossible for them to act on their own here. She would need to keep an eye on him...

    {Plot Post 8}

    Previously: Faith's Apartment
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