Oh-kay, one vote for 88A and one vote for 88B.

88a - 17
88b- 62

So we're joining the Fairy Queen. Long live her majesty!

The time for neutrality has passed. I'll approach the Faerie Queene and join with the fairy forces!

It's time to join with the fairies! You run towards the golden glow at the edge of the woods to offer your services.
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Running past guards locked in mortal combat with fairy skirmishers, you dash across the clearing towards where you heard the laughter of the Faerie Queene. You were not mistaken. There she sits, on a palanquin drawn by one hundred peacocks, shining in the night with a radiant golden glow. She is surrounded by dozens of her most important and minuscule fairy advisors, who hover on hummingbirds around her.

She holds up her hand to halt her palanquin as she sees you. "AhI know you," she says. "Dear Frederick, was it? You are welcome here. And you are needed. I am about to strike the final blow at the Duke, and you come at a most timely hour."

She turns her face to you, and you are struck once again by the awesome power of her presence. You take a step towards her, trying to maintain some semblance of control.

"I am weaving a spell," she says and holds out her hand to you. "Please, share my palanquin. These cushions are most soft, and there are honey wine and tea cakes to refresh us while we perform our magic."

You take her hand, and with surprising strength, she helps you up onto her palanquin. You make yourself comfortable beside her.

A lithe fairy with a gossamer gown holds up a tray, bearing a miniature wineglass and a plate piled with cakes the size of your pinky nail.

Vote 89

89A) "No, thank you," you say. "I have heard that it is best not to eat fairy food. Tell me of this spell you weave."

89B) "No wine for me. I need to keep my head clear. I will just have the cakes, thank you."

89C) "Everything looks delicious. I will have both wine and cake, please."

How much to say ? Consider any stories you have heard of fairy food. It will indeed boost your enchantment stats and bind you more closely to the fairy world but that may not be all it does. If you intend to go all the way with the fairies, it's probably best to eat the food. But if you have any attachment to the human world, it's probably best to refuse even if it does cause you to fail any future skill tests involving enchantment.


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