Well, they did something unexpected and picked up Udril Silvertusk by convincing her that they'd take her to Camp Vengeance after they're rescue mission. (She'd had no luck finding another party to take her that way.) The CG half-orc barbarian raised by orcs is rather uncomfortable with the LG half-orc priest of Torm that I've determined was probably raised by humans. This hopefully will give me an opportunity to use Udril to broach the subject of spirituality with the PC. I also have a planned encounter with a priest of Tempus.

The elf wizard and the human monk had an encounter overnight where they saw a Chwinga wearing a kamadan mask, so I have introduced both the tiny elementals and a first hint at the Nine Gods.

Also, looking over Sunless Citadel again, I think I will make the hobgoblins a new addition to the Smokey Jaguar tribe of baitiri they took over (the ones working for Belak); the former captain of the Dragonfang was a hobgoblin, I've decided, and these are the survivors of the mutiny. This will give a potential way to find clues regarding Jahaka Anchorage, which the party has expressed interest in eventually hunting the pirates thereof.

Still not 100% sure how to really give the half-orc a "spiritual" experience, but I've got opportunities set up.

The random encounters table also gave them a run-in with a giant crocodile, which they did beat, but it almost killed the monk. I think I was too nice, and had it attack them rather than their canoes for the most part. Regardless, they managed - barely - to kill it, and drag it ashore with the fisherman's gaff (I used pike stats) the barbarian specifically bought while they were in town.

Rolling treasure, I used the "hoard" table, and came up with 3 magic items: a ring of swimming, a necklace of adaptation, and a potion of growth. Plus some 50 gp gems that I need to decide on.

I'm thinking I'll have the ring be caught in the thing's jaws, possibly still attached to a boney forearm caught by the wrist. The gems might belong to the same unfortunate adventurer, unless I can justify making the crocodile's body parts worth the same amount.

THe necklace of adaptation, I want to say they can make themselves by stringing the teeth into said necklace, and the apothecary (the elf wizard) can brew the potion of growth from the giant crocodile's blood and some other fluids.

I know the rules for making magic items are supposed to have fighting a creature as just step 1, followed by time and effort, but I feel like altering that when it's technically making them work for treasure I rolled is not going to break anything. I am open to criticism and suggestions, though, if this seems like a bad move for reasons I am not seeing.)

Given how often the half-orc wishes she could jump in the water, I suspect she'll appreciate the ring, and maybe the necklace. I'll have to try to make sure other loot is available for the rest of the party in future encounters!

I am debating whether the underdark connections lead anywhere interesting in the Sunless Citadel, in particular the one the kobolds came in from.