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While Donned, worn on the arm, it gives you the ability to cast the Infestation Cantrip.
While Doffed, and worn on the back, stating the command word will cause the shield to split in half, and giant insectoid wings sprout from it, giving you a fly speed equal to your land speed for 60 minutes, or until the shield is removed from your back. The minutes do not need to be used consecutively.
Those are some good ideas! Thanks,
Also like the ideas for the plants and luck stuff, y'all have definitely given me some stuff to work with, it's all much appreciated.

And the levels of the players isn't really important (i currently run two groups at my local game shop, one group are all level 1, and the other are between levels 2-3, I'm like a dm for hire there) I'm just expanding my list of random loot drops, I'm more of a spontaneous dm, i like to run games with a bunch of random charts to get things going, lots of carousing rolls and random encounters until something sticks out to the players, then i work off of those situations to start constructing a larger world narrative.