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The voting thread says this: "Voting starts now and will continue until April 3rd, 2019". I imagine the voting deadline isn't in the past I imagine this is just a copy paste issue, could you update it with this tournament's voting deadline?
Yep! Fixed! Sorry about that.

Also, we should maybe start discussing what the next theme will be. Everyone is of course welcome to make proposals. Proposals from me (some of these are ones we've discussed before as possibilities).

"Swords and sorcery"- for gishes.

"Light is not necessarily good. Darkness is not necessarily evil."

"Against the Gods"

"Forbidden knowledge"

"Mage on a Plane" Each entry must be new minor plane and an associated PrC (they don't have to be mages per se, but I thought the name sounded fun).

"Your Power is What?" - Make a prc that involves using something that sounds like a weak or unimpressive ability and make it turn out to be impressive.

A few which have broad themes which aren't as narrowly defined but sound neat enough:

"Metal and Wood"

"Nature or nurture"

"Fate or free will"

"Brains and brawn"

"The hunter and the hunted"

"Martyrs and murderers"