[Stromulus Manor]

Butler doesn't particularly mind. He hasn't had many pictures of him taken before, so his expression is a bit off, trying to smile appropriately for the camera. Trying too hard basically and not as natural as it could be. It's still a halfway decent picture though as he's not uncomfortable.

"You're fine ma'am, I promise. Norael ma'am. My apologies ma'am," Butler says in regards to her name. He thought it was Nora. He must have misheard Tellysandra. "This way ma'am."

Butler will lead Norael to the luxurious sundeck! The sun warms thing up pretty well there. Perfect for taking a nap. Or sunbathing if you want. "Excuse me ma'am," Butler says, walking out onto the deck towards Tellysandra. "Miss Norael is here to see you ma'am."