Parks and Reanimation

"You want her to be cured of this, and I assume she feels the same way?" Jaahlyn inquires as she folds her hands. "I would have to meet her first of course to see what can be done. There are a few ways to solve it however, one would be the song of sleep. It wouldn't undo death, but it would subdue the hunger temporarily if it worked properly. The downside is of course that I can't be around forever so you would have to learn it. Another method would be to go in the opposite direction. That one is a dark path, but the end results would last much longer." She scratches her chin. "Might need to think about this one a bit more, but what do you think so far, miss?"

Thundermarket Food Court

Once she is eventually down on the street below, Jaahlyn will run for her motorcycle.
That's all she has time for in this post.