Crysmals are small earth elementals with some psychic powers. 6 elemental RHD are kind of harsh, and the ability scores gained in return are moderate, at best (-4 intelligence, +0 wisdom, +2 constitution, +4 to everything else). DR/5 bludgeoning, electricity resistance, and cold and fire immunity are all good traits though. They have a 20 ft. burrow speed in addition to their 30 ft. land speed.

The crysmal also suffers from a decidedly nonhumanoid body shape, with no easy ways to attack in melee other than a pitiful 1d3 sting.

Psionically, they're somewhat better off, and can manifest a number of useful low-level powers at-will (Control Object, Control Sound, Detect Psionics, Empty Mind, 2d10 Mind Thrust). They also get Psionic Dimension Door thrice a day.

However, all things considered this feels underwhelming. At ECL 6 I doubt I'd pick this over a default PHB race psion, let alone later in the game.

-0 LA: maybe knock off half the RHD if you want it to be more relevant.