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    Two furry creatures atop some kind of reptile approach, and as they close, you can make out a blue-furred red panda wearing robes and a lance-wielding badger in a blacksmith's apron, riding some manner of two-tailed snake. The badger shouts, "Never fear, the cavalry has arrived!", and attempts to wiggle on board from the snake's lifted neck, as the red panda sighs and conjures some manner of chilling fog to surround each of the goblins.

    Concentration check for vigorous motion (riding a moving mount): (1d20+11)[12] succeeds on nat 1 so I think it's autosuccess but if there's fumbles I'm rolling anyway.

    Dropping my Kelgore's combo on each of the remaining gobbos, such that it hits them but not my allies - deals (1d6)[6] damage, half irresistible divine, and they need a DC 18 Will save or get dazed for 2 rounds.

    Climb check if it's necessary for Osrik: (1d20+1)[3]

    (The snake is about 15 feet long so I feel like it shouldn't be too hard but I'm not sure how high the closest boat side is at this point)
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