Those small-sized monstrous humanoids don't have any RHD, but do come with a single annoying point of LA. Let's see if they really deserve it.

Net -2 ability scores (+2 charisma, -2 wisdom, -2 strength), +3 natural armor, scent, +2 on spot, free Blind-Fight, and one bonus PP make for some good features. Additionally, they get resistance 5 to an energy type and the ability to 1/day shoot an Energy Ray of that type.

Obviously, those little guys would make great charisma-based casters or manifesters, and they'd probably outperform many PHB races there (though admittedly, that's partially because no PHB races give a charisma boost). However, at the same time I'm having trouble putting this above, say, a lesser aasimar. Arguably, even humans are useful enough to pick them over dromites.

Does that make the dromite +0 LA? For now I'll go with 'yes'. The dromite's traits are good, but they are not powerful enough to warrant WotC's LA.