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    In her momentum, she can only move fist in time for her arm to block the kunai, the blade digging into her forearm and lancing pain through it as blood starts welling from it, she grits her teeth and says
    "Yeah, coming from the dropouts with cri-"
    but she sees the gas seeping through and hears the voice. That was bad.
    "Gas! Put on Masks!"
    Kimiko knows that some gases are denser than others. Based on the color, that was probably chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is denser than air, and thus accumulates at the bottom of poorly ventilated areas. Thankfully it is actually one of the less dangerous gasses out there, because its the only kind of gas that can actually be prevented from killing or incapacitating you by putting on a gas mask in reaction to seeing it. The rest are colorless, odorless and tasteless, or kill you if you come into skin contact with them, or are highly flammable, or so reactive that they eat through anything and everything around them if not properly handled. Which means the person gassing them isn't confident enough in their abilities to handle something more dangerous. Good. There were stories about one Wind affinity Jounin during the Third War who used a combination of wind element and nerve gas to end thousands of lives by simply using strong enough winds to blow invisible poisonous gas into crowds of soldiers and kill them just it touching them and directing it wherever they pleased. Had a title, "The Nerve Gas Nightmare". Thank the Kamis they weren't facing anything like that.

    So she uses her chakra to unwrap the paper from Doi's arm then Kimiko jumps upwards to the ceiling, using tree-climbing jutsu to stick her hands and feet to the ceiling.
    "Its likely chlorine! It gathers on the floor, so if you stay upwards you'll have more time before it fills up."
    Yuyuyu blows the kunai with her umbrella and follows suit, sticking to the ceiling. Kimiko always being prepared takes out a scroll and release from storage, three gas masks, giving one to Yuyu then throwing one to Usagi.
    "You, Dai, Doi! You care about Saburo and Yukio right? Get them, then get on the ceiling! You don't have much time!"
    She puts on her gas mask along with Yuyu while muttering
    "Who is doing this?"
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