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    Disney Star Wars Galaxy's Edge just opened. I am excited!

    I am especially exited over the kyber crystals that can go into lightsabers and holocrons. The kyber crystals change the sounds that a lightsabre makes, or the dialog out of a holocron (I understand that the holocrons may even argue with each other). There are 8-ish build your own base models of lightsabers, and a bunch of prebuilt ones. I am unsure if the pre-bilt ones have parts that can be exchanged with the build-your-own ones (other than likely the kyber crystals). They also have two holocrons (Sith and Jedi).

    Evidently they have at least seven colors of kyber crystals, and different cuts of them as well (two cuts mayhaps?). I am not sure if the different cuts have different sounds or voices. When building your own you may select form purple, green, blue, or red kyber crystals. They have purple, green, blue, red, yellow, white, and a at least one hidden color . . . black. The black kyber crystals are hidden in some red booster packs . . . evidently you can tell if you shine a flashlight though the tube (I hope that the red and black kyber crystals have different bar codes).

    They also have a build your own remote control droid that looks to be quite fun. Also with a crazy amount of accessories . . . like a Build A Bear. They even have the bartender arm, and tray (complete with shot glasses) from Return of the Jedi!

    They are going to take a great deal of my money. Now I want to go back to Disney as soon as vacation-time allows. I also want to ask anyone I know that is going if they could pick me up some of this stuff on their trip.
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