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    Name: Hikari/Silk
    Playbook: The Persona
    Freak: +1
    Danger: +2
    Savior: +0
    Superior: +1
    Mundane: -1



    Other Status:

    I have Influence on: The Lion, Moonshadow, Ronin, Tsunami

    They have Influence on me: Moonshadow, Ronin, Sunburst, Tsunami

    They have lost Influence over me: Hannya

    O O O O O

    Lanuola and I have been friends since forever however I hurt them as my Alias. They can never learn the truth.
    Ronin factors into the goals and plans of my Alias, they just donít know it yet.

    When the team first came together
    We discovered something that incriminated my Alias. What was it and how did I cover my tracks?
    Spoiler: Hikari
    Hikari, the Persona
    Civilian Name: Hikari Watsuki

    • Ambiguous, Man, Shifting, Transgressing, Woman
    • Asian or South Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, White
    • Laughing eyes, Jaded eyes, Untrusting eyes, Hateful eyes
    • Casual clothing, Practical clothing, Simple clothing, Expensive clothing
    • Simple costumes, Casual costumes, Obscuring costumes, Vainglorious costumes

    • Danger: +2
    • Freak: +1
    • Savior: +0
    • Superior: +1
    • Mundane: -1

    • Hero: Superior
    • Alias: Danger

    • Shared ability: Impossible Fighting Skills
    • Alias ability: Shadow Control
      In her Hero persona, Hikari fights as an honorable samurai wielding the two katana Chidori and Honoo and enhancing her senses and reflexes with her Void Mind technique. In her Alias persona, Silk is a crafty ninja who uses ambush tactics and tools and fights hand-to-hand, augmented by the mysterious Scarf of Shadows.

    • Mission: You have lost your friends and/or family to a grave injustice. You cannot rest until they are avenged.
    • Advantages:
      -Youíve had to rely on yourself for some time. Youíve learned how to take care of your injuries, even the serious ones.
      -Youíve accumulated a lot of money in the jobs you had to take to establish your Alias.
    • Disadvantages:
      -Defeating my Darkness may unleash a monster worse than what I fight.
      -Iíve made deals with those better left unmentioned, they will come calling eventually.

    When you turn to the Darkness to overcome a challenge or make headway in your mission roll + Alias Label. On a miss, the Darkness is deeper than you could imagine and you must confront it. Regardless of the outcome, mark a Condition and take -1 forward. On a hit, youíve achieved some minor victory, take +1 forward when overcoming an obstacle or foe you must defeat to see your mission through. On a 10+, the release is cathartic. Clear a condition or mark Potential. Take one hold as well. You may spend this as if you were using Team selfishly.

    Advancement: GM Birthday 2019: Take a move from another playbook [Chose Captain from Protege], Advance 1: Take a move from another playbook (Chose Been reading the files from Protege]
    • [X] Devil or Angel on My Shoulder: When you provoke a teammate to violent action or drastic measures as your Hero Persona, roll with your Alias Label. When you discourage a teammate from going overboard or making an action they canít take back as your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label.
    • [ ] Disguised as Another Dude: When someone Pierces your Mask while in your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label to strengthen your front. On a miss, the real you shines through. You must answer an additional question and they take Influence over you. On a hit, youíve confounded them, you may lie or mislead them on one of their questions. On a 10+, mark potential or take +1 forward against them as well.
    • [ ] Those Who Fight Monsters: When you successfully engage a villainous threat as your Alias Pesona you may imperil nearby civilians to choose another option from Directly Engage, even on a miss.
      When facing a teammate you may expend a Team Selfishly to play at their weaknesses, use their powers against them or bait them to foolhardy action. They mark an additional Condition as you exchange blows.
    • [ ] Persona Non Grata: When you crash an event or party as your Alias, roll + your Alias's Label. On a miss, you've leapt before you looked and find yourself in seriously hot water. Mark a Condition and prepare to fight your way out. On a hit, you've caught someone by surprise. Gain an opportunity or make an opportunity for your allies and hold one. On a 10+, hold two. Spend one to one.
      - Distract or embarrass an opponent
      - Take something when no one's looking
      - Take +1 on Directly Engaging a Foe
      - Expose a Weakness or Flaw
    • [X]Save the Light: When you step in to intervene, help a civilian, or stop a threat roll + your Hero label. On a miss, youíre made to look the fool. Mark a Condition and give ground. On a hit, youíve got someoneís attention. Use it as an opportunity or provoke them to action. On a 10+ your foe must respond in kind or flee.
    • [ ]Twilight Emissary: The line you walk is thin and while you are a Hero, you are touched by the darkness that runs beneath your community. When dealing with a Villain (your choice) as your Hero Persona reveal a connection to your Alias and roll + your Aliases label to make a demand. On a miss, they donít believe you. Lower your Alias Label and raise another Label. On a hit, they will do as you ask but make a demand of you as well. On a 10+ they cave, they will do as you ask to the best of their ability. Clear a Condition or gain Potential.
    • [X]Captain: When you enter battle as a team, add an extra Team to the pool and carry +1 forward if you are the leader.
    • [X]Been Reading the Files: Youíve learned about the superhuman world through your mentorís resources. When you first encounter an important superpowered phenomenon (your call), roll + Superior. On a hit, tell the team one important detail youíve learned from your studies. The GM will tell you what, if anything, seems different from what you remember. On a 10+, ask the GM a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly. On a miss, the situation is well outside your base of knowledge; the GM will tell you why.

    Moment of Truth:
    The Darkness is an ever-hungry force youíve circled around for a long time, but many misunderstand that itís neither a force for good nor evil. The longer youíve spent in the Darkness the clearer you have seen it for what it really is and it has afforded insights into the world others might miss. Answer a question that no one wants answered or silence opposition using your new knowledge. When all is said and done however, the question of which side of the line you straddle is closer to being answered. Expect those in the Light to turn their backs on you and for those who hide in the deeper Darkness to come calling.

    Team Moves
    • When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them how you really need moments like these to keep you grounded. Clear a Condition. If they offer to help you stay mellow, clear an additional Condition and they clear a Condition.
    • When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what levels theyíd stoop to to get what they want. If they open up, clear a Condition and exchange Influence. If they refuse to answer, lower your Hero Label by 1 and raise your Alias Label by 1 or vice versa. Add a Team to the Pool regardless of their answer.

    When our team first came together...
    We discovered something that incriminated my Alias. What was it and how did the Team feel about it? How did I cover my tracks?
    • Lanuola and I have been friends since forever however I hurt them as my Alias. They can never learn the truth.
    • Ronin factors into the goals and plans of my Alias, they just donít know it yet.

    If you exemplify your Hero Persona, give Influence to two teammates. If you exemplify your Alias Persona, give Influence to one.

    Spoiler: Influence
    I have Influence Over: The Lion, Moonshadow, Ronin, Tsunami
    They have Influence Over Me: Moonshadow, Ronin, Sunburst, Tsunami
    They have Lost Influence over Me:
    • Hannya

    Spoiler: Backstory

    What led you into the Darkness?
    When I was 12, my parents were killed in an attack by some no-name second-string villain. They weren't even targets, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. "Collateral damage," the police report said. They were victims of the senseless violence that the Warlord system perpetuates.

    Jin the Chickadee took me in after that, and for awhile, I had a family again. A petty, dysfunctional family, but it was better than nothing. A lot better. The Weather Report gave me purpose. Jin trained me, taught me to control my anger. To sharpen it and wield it like a katana.

    I thought I could be like a daughter to him, but I was never more than a tool. And the moment I was no longer useful, he cast me aside, just like he did Chidori and Honoo. Starling always said he would, but I always thought it was just to get under my skin. I hate him for being right. And I hate myself for not seeing the truth in his words until it was too late.

    It wasn't long after that that the Weather Report fell, collapsing under the weight of their own sins. From the inside, I hadn't been able to see what was clear as day once I was out. The whole city was infected, corrupted. The Guardians' own reckoning came swiftly after. Only the Warlords remained, somehow unscathed. The establishment of the city had allowed criminals to roam unmolested, complicit in the sanctioned crime. They failed San Fransapporo. They failed me. And they didn't even have the decency to take the Warlords with them on their way down. Left the mess for somebody else to clean up. Somebody like me.

    I was lost for a time. Ronin. Just me, the swords, and the scarf. No master, no honor, no family. Koto-sensei found me then. She met me in my wandering, showed me a different path. We trained in secret, places of shadow. She helped me to unlock the powers of the scarf, and ronin became ninja. Like a blade reforged - new edge, same purpose.

    The Warlords are seemingly impervious from the outside. They can only be brought down from within. It was the last lesson Jin the Chickadee passed down to his pupil Hikari. My goal could only be achieved by walking a new path. Into darkness, as smooth as silk.

    Who, outside the team, works to pull you back into the Light?
    Dr. Heller is the counselor at the meta-human orphanage that I volunteer at. Heís been giving me free counseling sessions as a thank you for the work Iíve been doing. I wasnít into the idea at first, but after I started training with Koto-sensei, I began to have trouble with my Void Mind meditation and it was difficult to focus in battle. I finally gave in, and the counseling turned out to be surprisingly helpful.

    Now we have sessions every two weeks. He doesnít know about Silk, but I can tell he suspects something. He does a lot of research in meta psychology, and his counseling focuses on conquering internalized trauma. The kids at the orphanage call it ďinner darknessĒ. He says I have a lot of it. He doesnít know that I need that darkness to finish what I started. But I still need the light, too. Our sessions help me keep balanced, and Iíd probably be lost without him.

    What kind of terrible consequences will there be if you're discovered to be the same person as your Alias?
    Mine is just one secret in a tangled web that no one, except maybe Koto-sensei, knows the true extent of. And just like a web, if my secret becomes untangled, the whole delicate weave might collapse. What happens then is anyone's guess, but I know one thing for certain. If I fail, if I once again prove to be useless, I will be discarded again like a broken knife. It would be the death of Silk. And probably the death of Hikari, too.

    Why do you continue to be a Hero in the face of your Darkness?
    It wasnít difficult to learn to be Silk. It was almost trivial to cast off empathy and compassion and kindness and become the kind of ruthless operative that could rise high amongst the Warlords. And thatís a terrifying thing.

    In order to succeed, I have to resist that corruption. I need to see good in the world, I need to do good in the world. To remind myself that itís worth fighting for. If I lose sight of Hikari, then my parents will have died for nothing. I canít let that happen.

    Why do you care about the team?
    We are in a new era. We are buffeted by turbulence and conflict. New battle lines are being drawn, and everybody wants to know whose side you're on. With Jin, I was supposed to be on the Weather Report's side. The Warlords think Silk is on their side. Koto-sensei commands Silk to her side.

    But the team? They're on my side. My first family was killed. My second family threw me away. But with the team, maybe Hikari can find a third family. Time will tell if it can last, but damn if it's not good to have brothers in arms again.

    Spoiler: Additional Questions

    How old are you?
    I turned eighteen a few months ago.

    Who is your family? What are they like? Do they know about your powers or about you being a hero?
    My parents were killed. I don't even know if I have other family. Maybe back in Japan? Even if I do, I guess they probably don't know. Though if they Googled me, it'd probably be pretty easy to figure out, I guess. I'm not exactly a secret.

    What is your favorite place in the city? What do you do there?
    The River Market Bathhouse! It's the best place for serious relaxation. They've got every kind of bath you could want! Steam room, sauna, Turkish bath, ice baths, giant bath tubs (the bath bombs are magical. Literally.). There's even a Japanese hot spring! The meditation waterfall was Master Jin's favorite. And the massage therapists on staff can handle pretty much anything. Ask for Wei Lin, sometimes they call her Icepick. Oh, and there's this great ice cream shop on the same block!

    What do you do when you're bored?
    Boredom is a state of mind. The state that says "I don't have enough going on in my life." I've got Warlords to fight, I'm mastering calligraphy, I have meditation, training, more training, and I volunteer at an orphanage. I have plenty going on in my life.

    Who knows about your secret identity?
    I don't have a secret identity. I've been Jin's apprentice for years, and I never hid behind a mask. Everybody knows who I am and what I stand for, and that's the way it ought to be.

    Oh. You mean that identity. I've been careful with that. Dr. Heller suspects something, but I think the only person who knows that I'm Silk is Koto-sensei. I can't let my team find out, especially not Cindy or Lanuola. And if the Warlords find out, then Silk has no purpose.

    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    Mayor of San Fransapporo. First order of business would be to get rid of the Warlords. After that, we can start really cleaning up this town.

    I guess if I had to pick something normal...I dunno? Maybe run an ice cream shop? Everybody likes ice cream. Vanilla is an underrated flavor, you know. People think it's plain, but it's not! Have you ever had sweet cream? That's the real plain flavor. Vanilla is nuanced and subtle. Chocolate gets a better reputation because cheap vanilla is terrible but cheap chocolate is still alright. But a good vanilla blows chocolate out of the water, hands down! Also, everybody raves about green tea ice cream, but red bean is just better. And don't even get me started on ice cream versus custard...

    What profession would you not like to do?
    Insurance adjuster. Dad worked at Citinsure, and he worked late a lot. Most days he might show up for dinner and then disappear for the rest of the night. And after the Warlords, there are a few CEOs on my Defenestration List.

    What is your favorite word?
    "Defenestration". Did we really need a word for that? Probably not. But I'm glad we do. Tat way I can call it my Defenestration List instead of a Hit List.

    What is your least favorite word?
    Do you even have to ask? "Warlord".
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