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    Xin the versatile lurk
    Human factotum 1/lurk (variant true thief)4 /assassin 1 NE
    Spoiler: Story

    He was alone in darkness his companions not so far from him but he was carefully searching in that room , moving silently and hiding to avoid contact with the orc which was a sentry, searching before if there was some alarm that creature could use . His psicrystal was helping him , giving him that sensation that he had to concentrate on only a work at time, and he was doing exactly that. There was no alarm , so he readied his longsword taking out a dose of a poison ,not crafted by him, "It should block tha and then analyzed that enemy for something near twenty four seconds, when the orc was near to him. His sword hit the orc but the poison didn't work "Pff a bad poison it seem" and dodged an attack from the orc which was trying to escape toward the door maybe on the other side there was other orcs. "No" He charged him using his power to enhance the damage of his sword, striking near the heart of the orc. using his intelligence to enhance the precision and the orc died on hit." So is finished for now, i have to call the other mercenaries , we will discuss what will we do "Probably he will unlock that door but maybe the others want to break it

    Xin is a mercenary doing his work without remorse and piety , doing for money , adventuring with others mercenaries , even if he can work alone on assassination works, or on some important thiefs.

    Spoiler: Build
    for 14
    cos 14
    des 13(+1 at 4th level)
    int 16
    sag 13
    car 8
    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Power Points Skill points for level
    1st Factotum1 +0 +0 +2 +0
    • 4 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 4 hide
    • 4 disguise
    • 4 move silently
    • 4 concentration
    • 4 search
    • 4 open lock
    • 4 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 4 escape artist
    Font of Inspiration , (B) Able Learner Inspiration, cunning insight, cunning knowledge, trapfinding - 40 (6+int )*4+4 (human)
    2nd Lurk(true thief) 1 +0 +0 +4 +2
    • 5 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 5 hide
    • 4 disguise
    • 5 move silently
    • 5 concentration
    • 5 search
    • 5 open lock
    • 5 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 5 escape artist
    Augment 2 (1 from class 1 bonus int) 8( 4 +int+1 human)
    3rd Lurk(true thief) 2 +1 +0 +5 +3
    • 6 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 6 hide
    • 4 disguise
    • 6 move silently
    • 6 concentration
    • 6 search
    • 6 open lock
    • 6 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 6 escape artist
    Affinity to psicrystal(single minded) psionic sneak attack +1d6 5(2 from class 3 bonus int) 8 (4 + int +1 human)
    4th Lurk (true thief)3 +2 +1 +5 +3
    • 7 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 7 hide
    • 4 disguise
    • 7 move silently
    • 7 concentration
    • 7 search
    • 7 open lock
    • 7 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 7 escape artist
    7(3 from class 4 bonus int) 8 (4+int +1 human)
    5th lurk(true thief) 4 +3 +1 +6 +4
    • 8 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 8 hide
    • 4 disguise
    • 8 move silently
    • 8 concentration
    • 8 search
    • 8 open lock
    • 8 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 8 escape artist
    11 (5 from class 6 bonus int) 8 (4+int +1 human)
    6th Assassin 1 +3 +1 +8 +4
    • 9 craft (poisonmaking)
    • 9 hide]
    • 4 disguise
    • 9 move silently
    • 9 concentration
    • 9 search
    • 9 open lock
    • 9 disable device
    • 4 sleight of hand
    • 9 escape artist
    Psionic Weapon Sneak attack +1d6, death attack, poison use 11(no change from previous level) 8(4 +int +1 human)
    (B) =bonus feat
    human bonus to ability = +2 search , +2 disable device
    Spoiler: Epic Feats
    1 psicrystal containment
    2 psionic meditation
    3 shape soulmeld (vitality belt)
    4 darkstalker
    5 martial study (sapphire nightmare blade)
    6 font of inspiration
    7 font of inspiration
    8 shape soulmeld (kruthik claws)
    9 shape soulmeld (theft gloves)
    10 Bonus essentia

    Total inspiration point=8(2 class +1 1st font of inspiration +2 2nd font of inspiration +3 3rd font of inspiration)
    Spoiler: Power , spell knowed
    Lurk level Power learned
    1st Chameleon
    2nd Grease, Psionic
    3rd Compression
    4th Animal Affinity
    Assassin Level Spells learned Spells for day
    1st Catsfeet, Critical strike 1 (0 from class 1 for int)

    Spoiler: Build Breakdown
    He will use normally a longsword and the best shield considering the penalty to the check of dexterity . At each level he can craft some poisons, putting them on his weapon , and these poison will do much as debuff damaging ability like dexterity, strenght and constitution(this is rarer)
    Spoiler: Level 1
    This level is so important in this build because of Able learner, which combined to the Class Skills of factotum give us all class skills for each class even in the ranks without the cross class skill cost
    Out of combat he has so many abilities that he could do something surely , except in the social situation , but he is not a face, his low charisma confirm that
    In combat he will not do so much because his low bab buth with cunning insight he has a good chance to hit the enemies

    Spoiler: Level 2 to 5
    He is not a normal lurk, because we are utilising a different lurk which finds the trap easier, and the factotum level help us so much to use search and disable device using his augment that function if he is pisonically focused so all the day for now even if that is strange more a class feature than an augment.Out of combat he will move silently hiding to infiltrate in the enemy camp , or using disable device and search to find the traps and disable them , and if the party encounter a closed chest he can try to open it with open lock. At level 3 the psicrystal come and even if the concentration ability is not so important now , it will be useful in the future. His presence give us the opportunity to make other check of abilities like search , even if the cunning knowledge from factotum probably is not applicable to him
    In combat he will try to flank (and if permitted the psicrystal can help us ) using the sneak attack from augmet and from class (he arrives at 4d6 of sneak attack 1 from class and 3 from the augment using 4 power points) If he cannot sneak attack he will support the team with grease psionic and stunning attack , boosting himself with chameleon and compression if he need to hide , and animal affinity

    Spoiler: level 6 and epic
    The level 6 is another important level , and not for the sneak attack , or the death attack but for the use of poisons which help us putting them on the weapons without risk (and we have fortitude low so is good) The spell he learned with the assassin have only vocal component, so he can use his armore, ignoring spell failure value (only spell with somatic component are affected by spell failure)Critical strike is basically another additional sneak attack without possibilities to enhance it
    Psionic weapon helps him at making damage even if the enemy is immune to critical damage but in generally will help him because psionic weapon damage is higher than psionic sneak attack
    The first three feats permit to use psionic weapon and psionic sneak attack at each turn ,using a move action. He will try to gain the psionic focus each turn and with a concentration boost item or a simple item which give +2 to constitution he is able to accomplish that (if really needed he can use the inspiration point)
    Darksltaker hepl us agajins creature who use other sistems to view than the normal vision , like tremor sense or other abilities.
    The 5th epic feat help at doing more ime the sneak attack, and this is one of the motivation that we use the shape soulmeld (vitality bealt) than narrow mind , so we can boost the concentration check required (even if is only one time for day it can be useful as for using poisons). The next feats boost his durability in the fight , with 8 power points, and 3 soulmeld and2 essentia point , powers ti block the enemy and the poison use permit us to use poisons like ssartiss (from serpent kingdom ) or eyeblast (from book of vile darkness) he can craft the poisons he need if he has problem to find them.
    The shape soulmeld feats improve our abilities so this character will have good abilities thanks to them, in combat he will use the essentia point on kruthik and on vitality belt, while out of combat on kruthik and on theft gloves (kruthik occupy shoulder slot as soulmeld)

    Spoiler: Number on this build
    hp=6+5d6 (class level)+12(constitution) +3 (vitality belt)=38 (average )
    Hide check = 9 (rank)+2 (dexterity)+6 (kruthik claws)+10 (chameleon)=27
    Move silently=9 (rank) +2 (dexterity) + 6 (kruthik claws) =17
    diasble device= 9 (rank)+3 (intelligence)+4 (theft gloves)+2 (human)=18
    search =9 (rank)+3 (intelligence)+2 (human) =14(he will take 20 if he can)
    maximum damage=1d8(longsword)+2 (strenght)+1d6 (psionic sneak attack)+1d6(sneak attack assassin)+1d6 (augment additional sneak attack)+2d6(psionic weapon)+3 (intelligence)+1d6(sapphire nightmare blade)=49 (minimum 12 average 30)

    Spoiler: Sources
    Dungeonescape:factotum class
    Complete Psionics:lurk class
    Mind eye article : lurk true thief variant
    Class Chronicles: Font of Inspiration
    Dungeon Master Guide:Assassin prestige class
    Tome of Battle: Martial Study, sapphire nigthmare blade
    Magic of Incarnum :Shape soulmeld, Bonus essentia
    Expanded Psionic Handbook:Grease Psionic, Animal affinity, affinity to psicrystal, psicrystal containment , psionic meditation, psionic weapon
    Spell compendium :catsfeet , critical strike
    Lord of madness:Darkstalker
    Player's Handbook:human race
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