"Oh, okay." That's pretty disappointing. Catching an exotic disease would have been fun, Juliana thinks. Then she could have sent letters to all of her friends telling them that she's dying and they need to give her presents to make her feel better. Ah, who's she kidding: does she even have any friends? Worst-case scenario, she could send letters to random people pretending that they were her friends.

"I'll make sure to only use brain-substitute in my family recipes," the liar promises.

Julikana has to bite down on her tongue to help distract herself from the pain, which once again shoots through her. And dig her fingernails into her thumb. Seriously, what's going on? The only explanation is that the scientist is actually a wizard or something, so Julikana starts looking at her, looking for magic. ...Yes, there seems to be some evidence of it, with just preliminary scans. "Probably just some pain-killers," she says, confident that they wouldn't work. "Oh, and maybe some heat? I remember there being a hot tub, so that might work." More accurately, she remembers seeing a pool and she figures the pool-room is large enough to avoid breaking anything or hurting anyone.

She has to get away from the scientist ASAP before it gets worse. So, she starts walking in the direction she remembers the pool being. "I-I'll come find you as soon as it passes."