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    Name: Cindy Auva'a
    Hero Name: Moonshadow
    Playbook: Beacon
    Freak: -1
    Danger: +0
    Savior: +2
    Superior: +1

    Angry: X
    Hopeless: X

    Other Status:
    I have Influence on:

    They have Influence on me:

    X X X O O

    Spoiler: Moonshadow, The Beacon

    Real Name: Cindy Auva’a
    Hero Name: Moonshadow
    Abilities: Camouflage and Stealth, Swords
    Spoiler: Power Description
    Cindy's attempts to keep up with her younger sister express themselves in a desire to excel where her sister does not, given the ridiculousness of direct competition. As a result, Cindy has intentionally cultivated the ability to slip into the shadows when it suits her, in a stark departure from her usual confident demeanour. The art of appearing aggressively bland and normal is a difficult one to master, but Cindy feels like she has captured the essence of it in time.

    Of course, mere stealth makes for a coward, not a hero, and so Cindy has also set herself the task of outdoing her sister in the martial arts. This is not, perhaps, a very high bar to cross, but Cindy has now moved beyond merely exceeding her sister's non-existent skill to something approaching competence, if not mastery. The Nifo Oti that was a family heirloom, hanging from a wall in the village, is now used once again although it probably, she must also admit, does help to have ex-marines as grandparents.

    Detailed Appearance
    Look: Woman, Smiling Face, Stylish Clothing, Iconic Costume
    Spoiler: Appearance
    Cindy is tall, a little lean perhaps, but still larger than the average girl. Usually she wears her hair back in a braid, sometimes with the tips dyed pink or blue as it suits her, although the colours are carefully removed before she visits any of her many relatives. Out of costume she prefers to wear a t-shirt and a pair of slightly scruffy jeans, usually with a denim jacket slung over one shoulder.

    In costume, Cindy prefers something a little more dramatic. A pair of military grey trousers is urbane enough, but above the waist Cindy prefers a corselet of overlapping plates, each decorated in a dark, almost black, brown and stark white patterns. Around her neck is hung a necklace of shark's teeth (which is, as she has discovered, a useful cover for concealing other things, like a set of lock-picks). The piece de resistance of this ensemble, however, is the long hooked club she carries in one hand.

    The Nifo Oti is something a family heirloom, the weapon her distant ancestors carried to battle, or so her grandmother says. The three-foot long haft is decorated with geometric patterns, while the head is covered with swirling designs. A row of shark's teeth is embedded into one side of the club, while the other is blunt except for a vicious hook at the tip. The grandparents will claim that it whispers advice in the dead of night, but really, it is scary enough already…

    Danger: -1
    Freak: -1
    Savior: +2
    Superior: +1
    Mundane: +2

    Potential: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

    Afraid: (-2 to directly engage)
    Angry: (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
    Guilty: (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation)
    Insecure: (-2 to defend someone or reject what others say)
    Hopeless: (-2 to unleash your powers)

    Moment of Truth
    This is the moment when you show them exactly why you belong here. You do any one thing, take out any one enemy, no matter how insane, no matter how ridiculous, because that’s you. Their jaws are gonna drop when you’re done. Of course, pulling off a stunt like this tends to bring unwanted attention and a dangerous reputation...

    -Straight. Up. Creepin’.: When you scope out a person or place, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, ask two. On a 7-9, ask one.
    - what’s my best way in/out?
    - what happened here recently?
    - what here is worth grabbing?
    - who or what here is not what they seem?
    - whose place is this?
    On a miss, you find yourself in over your head. The GM will tell you why this is a bad spot.
    - Suck it, Domitian: When you stand strong while dramatically under fire, roll + Savior instead of + Danger to directly engage a threat.

    Team Moves
    When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them how they’re awesome and add a Team to the pool. If they tell you how you’re awesome in return, add another Team to the pool.

    When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them to confirm or deny that you should be here. If they confirm it, mark potential and give them Influence over you. If they deny it, mark Angry and shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice.

    - help a teammate when they most need you.
    - stop a fight with calm words.
    - get a new costume.
    - reject someone who tells you “you shouldn’t be here.”

    I have Influence over:

    They have influence over me:

    Mosi is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.
    "Dude's chill. I respect that. Do I take 'every chance' to be around him? Meh, but he's cool. Honestly, both of us are busy enough that the chance of me and him having loads of time to hang, if he wanted to, is like zero. But, hey, if the one-in-a-million happens, I'd be down."

    You’ve got to prove yourself to Lanuola before you feel like a real hero.
    "Oh, stop looking at me like that. Look, uso, I don't actually care that much what the rest of the world thinks. That's my sister's gig, not mine. But, saying all that, family matters. Always does, and my sis almost more than anyone. So, yeah, I've tried to be her hero for most of my life, and I do care if she thinks I've made it or not."

    When the team first came together
    We found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?
    “So, Iron Devil, he was kinda… funky, and not in a good way. It was like he wasn’t really seeing us, thought he was fighting someone else. Like, at the end, Mosi’s jumped him and is doing the punchy thing, but he’s sorta snarling and he shouts something about ‘Goliath Gecko’? It was weird, anyway.

    And so we knock him out, and then we’re all standing around. GZ’s trying not to bleed too conspicuously, and sis is like, this close from a panic attack, and then Hikari pipes up, like “hey these tats are weird”, but not quite like that, ‘cause she’s like, trying to be cool. But yeah, he had this weird set of tattoos going around his neck, like a collar. They were black, and they kinda moved when you stopped looking at them. We all look at them for a while, and we all agreed that there was something kinda familiar about them, but I couldn’t work out what it was.

    It was Ronin who worked it out, of course. Who else? She pointed out that they looked a whole lot around like Impact’s tattoos, and yeah, that kinda jogged something in my memory. She’s this kinda obscure b-lister who was involved with those kids with the dragon and all that. I wouldn’t have remembered her, but she was speaking at the funeral for the one that died, or turned into an ice spirit, or something. I think everyone’s fuzzy on that one. It was televised, anyway, ‘cause she did save the city, and then Impact was the main event.

    Anyway, they were. Impact’s do that whole creepy move when you’re not looking at them too. We still haven’t worked out the connection, but it seems kinda important. Ronin did some digging on what was up with Impact’s tats, came back with no dice, and uso, that’s saying something. So yeah, we’ve started to look into it, you might say.”

    How did you gain your skills?
    “So, it was, it was when I was, like about sixteen, and Lanuola, you know, my sister, was fourteen. She was always… different, but things started to get real bad, this would have been a couple of months before her, uh, accident, and I started hearing some bad things that people were saying. I tracked down the girl, she was called Tamara, I think, and told her to stop. I wasn’t going to hurt her, or anything, just report her, if it came too that. Mom would have killed me if I’d hit anyone, honest to god. But, anyway, she had a boyfriend, and she must have made it seem like I was a monster, or something. That would have been just after, I, you know, ‘transitioned’, and so it was easy, I guess.

    Anyway, I ended up with a few bruises, and I when I dragged myself home with my tail between my legs, tinamatua was waiting in the living room, and she was like “are you going to let them do this to you?” and of course I said no. It started off as self-defence, just boxing, and then tamamatua got involved, and the Nifo Oti was his idea. I started getting good after a while, but only used it once, ‘cause after my sis set someone on fire, you don’t get trouble anymore. But I kept practicing, and then there was all, you know, this.”

    When did you first put on your costume?
    “It was my idea, for sis. After the whole burning, which was horrible, but the girl was asking for it, they were trying to tell her that she was the problem, you know. It was all you gotta change, you gotta be this kind of person, when people try and hurt you you can’t hurt them back. And I’m not saying that self-control is a bad thing, but she was kinda shrinking into to herself, and that wasn’t a good thing. So I had this idea that she should join a team, to give her some things to burn.

    And then, ‘cause she’s stupid sometimes, she wouldn’t ‘cause she thought they wouldn’t want her. So I made it my goal, and dragged her along. It’s not like she doesn’t want to, deep down, she just needs the push to keep moving. Tinamatua helped me make my costume, it’s as much her idea as mine. And then, when something came up, I had everything already, and sis wasn’t going to refuse that, so we went out to fight.”

    Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn’t be a superhero?
    “My family is pretty good about, everything, but they’re also not. To be Fa’aSamoa means that there’s ways of doing things, of being, you know, trans, being a hero as well. Not my dad, but his older brother, he doesn’t approve of the way I am. To him, it’s an either/or thing, fa’afafine or a fighter, but not both. And that matters, ‘cause he’s the head of the aiga, and he used to be a hero once. I mean, most of the boys in our family have been through the army, but after he came back he was a vigilante for a bit, before he had kids. So he knows people, and that’s a problem.”

    Why do you try to be a hero?
    “Its, like, not for me. I mean, I don’t mind, someone needs to keep sis from hiding under her bed. With her powers she should be better than me, though I’m trying to make it hard for her. Until she learns to get off her ass on her own, I’ll be there, pushing things along. Anyway, if I want to make the Green Berets, this is good practice.”

    Why do you care about the team?
    “Because they don’t treat sis like crap, it’s like, easy, right, but nobody actually does it. They seem like a good bunch, anyway. I mean, maybe not all of them, but enough. They’ll do, for now, until the Green Berets.”

    Spoiler: Additional Questions
    How Old Are You?
    "I turn eighteen next February. Only a year and a bit of school left, fricking finally."

    Who is your family? What are they like? Do they know about your powers or about you being a hero?
    “The fam? There’s plenty of them, at least. Like, there’s Mum and Dad, Tinamatua and Tamamatua, two uncles and three aunties, another twelve cousins, and that’s before you include the rest back in Samoa. We’re a big family to Palagi, but pretty average for us.

    With that many of us, you could say that there’s a bit of everything. Most of the boys have been through the military one way or another, and these days a lot of the girls are joining up too. A few of us went different ways, some been through the gangs, one of my uncle’s in prison for a mandatory minimum. ‘Bout three-quarts of us are here in San Fran, one or two further north, an auntie in New Zealand, and a few still working the tuna factory back in Samoa.

    Do they know… Uso, you gotta be joking - of course they do. It was all Tinamatua’s idea, anyway. It’s not the Samoan way to go around keeping secrets from the aiga, anyway.”

    What is your favorite place in the city? What do you do there?
    My favourite place is always going to be the waterfront. There’s a set of little docks, they’re almost gone now, where the small fishing boats used to come in, and like a little bit of shingle next to it. Most of them been eaten up by the big boys, but once upon a time it used to be the busiest part of the waterfront, Tamamatua says. We moved to San Fran when I was eight, and I used to get real lonely for the ocean, so Mum, or sometimes a cousin, would take me down to sit on the pier while we waited for Dad to come off shift at the plant. ‘Parently they’re going to concrete it all over and turn it into a fancy parking lot for those big yachts soon, but I reckon it’s nicer now. Good place to just have a sit-down and chill, get away from sis if I need to, and sometimes, like, you’ve just gotta have some you time.”

    What do you do when you're bored?
    “Who’s got time to be bored? Seriously, I’ve got too much on to get around to being bored. But, like, when, once a year, I’ve got the spare time to be doing nothing much, I like to just put my headphones in and jam. I used to dance the siva, but these days I'm more modern than that. Not that I'm good enough that I'd do either if I thought anyone was watching.”

    Who knows about your secret identity?
    “What secret identity? I’m Moonshadow, and I’m out and proud in every fricking sense of the word. If the bad guys try and hurt my parents, well then they’re idiots, considering how many of my family once were marines...”

    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    “This ain’t a profession, this is afterschool club for the terminally unsociable, uso. Why do you think my sisters coming along? But, like, I’m going to join the military soon as I’ve finished school, obviously. Tamamatua thinks I’m good enough to make the officer track, and sure, that sounds good. If you made me choose another, then maybe I’d like to teach. I could be a real mean sports coach, I reckon. Could be a good time.”

    What profession would you not like to do?
    “Dad still works at the big fish-processing plant down by the docks. He’s a floor-supervisor now, but even he comes home reeking of fish guts and sterilising fluid. Yeuch. Apparently you get used to it, and that’s just even worse, honestly. Not going to do that, even if he says he can get me a summer job anytime I want.”

    What is your favorite word?
    “Like, do I have to have one? I’d say that there’s plenty I don’t mind, but I’m not sure I have one. Maybe tomorrow? It’s a good word, even if you’ve made me sound all lame and emotional now.”

    What is your least favorite word?
    “That’s an easier question! It’s two words, but ‘fia palagi’, no question. It means, roughly, too white. I summarise, but that’s close enough. There’s plenty of folks who think I’m doing being a fa’afafine wrong, or being that HRT is only for palagi, or that girls should be staying at home, or any of the many other things. Like, we’re a big family, and that means that everyone can find something to disagree with.
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