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    Mier Formica

    Spoiler: Terrain

    The home system of the Mier Formica is a Quaternary system and features two Giant main-sequence stars which each are orbited by a red dwarf, this causes for a large amount of heat and light that the planets around use to sustain an abundance or Flora and Fauna. Planets that have settled in orbit of one of the two main-sequence stars have a regular day / night cycle however for planets that have settled around one of the red dwarfs the cycle is chaotic and night seldom falls.

    Formica 1 (Blue Giant main-sequence star)
    A spectral class O giant with a surface temperature of 45000 degrees Celsius and has the following celestial bodies in orbit:

    Silva 1:
    A planet mostly covered by green planes, currently not occupied by any intelligent species but houses a large variety of predator and prey animals. Its main bodies of water are located at the poles which connect through a multitude of rivers that meet at the equator where they are violently smashed together and produce rain across the planet.

    Silva 2:
    A planet devoid of life due to its proximity to Formica 1 temperatures that exceed 250 degrees Celsius make this place unsuitable for habitation by any known life form.

    Mier 1: (Red Dwarf)
    A small red dwarf with a surface temperature of 3500 degrees Celsius and is orbited by:

    Bos 3:
    A desert planet where the surface only sustains several cacti and supports no intelligent life, most of the Fauna live their lives several feet under ground. Below the surface large pools of water have gathered that serve as watering holes and hunting ground for these subterranean species.

    Formica 2 (Yellow Giant main-sequence star)
    A spectral class G giant with a surface temperature of 4500 degrees Celsius and has the following celestial bodies in orbit:

    Silva 3:
    Originally a barren planet it has since been Terraformed into a jungle planet by the Mier Formica, Flora and Fauna originating from Bos 1 have been transported to this planet and now make up most off the wildlife that sustain the Mier Formica colony established here.

    Mier 2: (Red Dwarf)
    A small red dwarf with a surface temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius and is orbited by:

    Bos 2:
    A jungle planet where many space elevators can be seen reaching into space. The first planet to be colonised by the Mier Formica was already a jungle world when they arrived requiring only the removal of a small population (4.5 million) of Pre-industrial locals. This planet has since been the main production site for new vessels that contribute to the expansion of the Mier Formica race.

    Bos 1:
    The home planet of the Mier Formica a Jungle planet with vibrant colours and a large variety of flora and fauna all carefully cultivated by the Mier Formica themselves, the whole planet has become one giant colony that sustains the constant expansion of the colony to other planets.

    Spoiler: People

    The Mier Formica are a race of ants with most of the populace about the size of a ghost ant on earth (1.3 - 1.5 Millimetres) , they have become masters of adaptation and can quickly produce drones for a very specific purpose. Living in vast at colonies that start at roughly one square meter but can grow to extend to vast subterranean networks covering the entire planet. The ruling structure is a monarchy and the home planet Bos 1 is the seat to the current ruling Queen, each planet beyond having a planetary Queen that answers to the Prime Queen. These Queens control the vast variety of drones which Mier Formica consists off.

    Each drone has a specific purpose and is bred to carry out its specific task to benefit the whole race without regards to its own life. Drones receive their commands through radio waves which are send out by the Queens and relayed though synapse creatures.

    The Queen is the largest of the ants with a size comparable to an house cat on earth (23 - 25 centimetres). Most of her body consists of brain tissue surrounded by exoskeleton, the rest of her body is there purely for consuming food and keeping the brain tissue alive.

    The Queen is the prime monarch of the hive that relays high level orders to the entire race, her mental capacity equals that of several super computers but is unable to move from the heart of the colony she is in. Upon her death her collective knowledge is send to closest planetary queen who will then make its way to Bos 1 to rule in her stead.

    Planetary Queen:

    About half the size of the Queen, she shares many of the Queens features, however at this stage she still has six legs that allow her to move in the event that she is promoted to Queen and needs to relocate.

    The Planetary Queen is the ruler of a planet beyond the home planet of Bos 1, these queens receive high level goals for a planet from the Queen and distribute orders down the chain so that these can be processed and executed.


    At the size of a earth parakeet (18 centimetres) the mother appears to consist solely of soft tissue that pulses, within the tissues thousands of eggs can be seen in several stages of development.

    The mother produces new drones at an alarming rate, she is able to create a fully matured drone within three days and is capable of creating thousands of drones at a time. She can create any of the variations of the Mier Formica race and on average there is one mother per square kilometre of colony.


    At the size of a goldfish on earth (10 centimetres) the relay looks like six legs that have sprouted antennae aimed at several directions.

    The relay exists only to transmit message between the Queens and other workers. They can link up with other relay to boost the range and strength of their transmissions.

    Note: The ants after this point are all earth ghost ant (1.3-1.5 millimetres) size, they might differ in a few millimetres .


    The farmer looks ... like a normal earth ghost ant.

    The farmer looks after and collects the bounty provided by the jungle, collecting berries, fruit and vegetables from the gardens, which they plant and then transport to collection depots.


    Trackers have large heat sensitive whiskers that vibrate to sense prey.

    Trackers follow wildlife in order to point other ants towards prey and sources of protein.

    Energy Discharge ant

    This ant has a bright yellow head that is constantly charged with particles. It's feet are designed to interlock with other Energy Discharge ants in order to form a barrel.

    These ants can chain together to create a barrel that will discharge a focused energy pulse. A single ant could generate enough charge to pop a balloon however, this is amplified by each ant that links together. These links work by facing the charged heads of the ants towards each other and creating a circle that is closed off on one side, this causes only one way for the energy to go, creating an energy discharge that is capable to cross the vacuum of space.
    Depending on the number of ants linked this can be used as a weapon for hunting and planetary or space warfare. If the barrel opening is wide the energy that is created can be used as thrust for ships.


    Soldiers are slightly bigger than farmers but have the same appearance.

    Soldiers are the leaders of a squad, be this in space or planet bound. They issues orders for example, when shots are taken and how to tactically move. They are told by the nearest queen what their target is, this can be as generic as acquire food or precise enough to target individual ships in a fleet.

    The Collector looks like a normal ant however, they have large baskets on their back and extra appendages they can use to fill the baskets.

    The Collector collects the meat from the hunter squads and the grown produce from the farmers to transport them to the hive.


    The Digestor is a ant made of many mouths that lead into small tubes that loop to their right.

    The Digestor takes the raw food sources of vegetable and meat and produces a pulp which contains only the nutritional value ready to be consumed by the other ants. A special tube is reserved for the queens that produces sweeter pulp.


    The Analyser has many antennae and feelers that protrude from its body and can be up to ten times its body length.

    The Analyser can determine the function of foreign objects and determine traits a drone needs to acquire to replicate this. For example when a energy weapon was analysed the Energy Discharge ant was designed in order to replicate the use of this weapon.

    Computer Ant

    Almost translucent these ants have veins lined across their exo skeleton that sometimes light up when an electronic pulse is sent through them.

    The computer ant can analyse the electronic currents within a network of computer ants and process calculations much like a quantum computer functions on earth, with the result unknown until measured. These calculations are then sent to the Queen so that they can be used to help in the planning of what action to take next.

    Process Ant

    The Process ant is similar in appearance to the Digestor however the jaws are constructed more sturdy and are clearly meant for non biological matter.

    The Process ant consumes none edible material like metals and rocks and transforms them into genetic material that the Mother can use to construct specific drones, be they energy weapons or vacuum resistant.

    Hardened Ant

    The Hardened Ant has an exoskeleton that is created from metal and is outlined with a gooey sealant. Black in colour they can easily be distinguished from other ants.

    The Hardened Ant serves as the outer shell for both planetary and space faring vehicles, they can use the sealant that covers their body to create a vacuum in which other ants can function.

    Environment Ant

    The Environment Ant has large leaf like structures protruding from its upper body which resembles a cluster of honey combs.

    The Environment Ant is capable of producing clean air much like a tree they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

    Speaker Drone

    The speaker drone consist of several antennae covered by hairs that seems to move when coming into contact with aerial vibrations.

    The speaker drone can translate aerial vibrations into messages that can be relayed to the queens and soldier ants. In turn several speaker drones can combine together to relay messages back to the creature that sent the aerial vibrations.


    Below you can find ant clusters that fulfill a certain task:

    Hunter Squad

    A group of ants that consists of Trackers, Energy discharge ants, soldiers and collectors that track down a prey kill it and transport the usable materials to the hive.

    Basic ship

    A group of ants that usually consist of Hardened Ants, Environment ants, Energy Discharge ants, Relays, Computer ants,soldier ants and mother ants.

    Combat ship

    See Basic ship but with more hardened ants to increase armour, Energy Discharge Ants to increase fire power and more soldier ants to increase tactical decisions

    Colony ship

    A group of ants that usually consist of Hardened Ants, Environment ants, Energy Discharge ants, Relays, Computer ants, mother ants and a planetary queen

    Spoiler: History

    The Mier Formica started out as a generic ant colony however, when several computers where dumped on top of it, the ants accidentally connected the right circuits and managed to formulate equations that lead to the birth of a new queen. This queen managed to guide a specific group of ants to connect the computers and expand her knowledge.

    After several generations the colony was breeding ants that could replicate the computers functions and improve upon them. It was not long until the colony expanded outwards and conquered other ant colony's. This process was repeated until the Mier Formica were ready to overthrow the dominant species and claim Bos 1 for themselves.

    The dominant species had not yet discovered space flight but had access to deadly energy weapons, the first strike managed to disable sixty percent of the population however the remaining forty percent managed to put up a decent fight. It was not until the analysis of the energy weapons they used was complete and drones capable of replicating its function were born that the remainder of the population was eradicated. The final war was when a energy weapon one mile long was created and evaporated the remaining bastion of resistance.

    This lead to global domination for the Mier Formica and the planet recovered from the over use of natural resources the previous dominant species caused. The Mier Formica then proceeded to cover the entire planet in lush Jungle and reach a balance to sustain their race and keep the planet healthy, following this the queen then began looking toward the stars. Many generations of ants were sacrificed before ants capable of withstanding the harsh environment of space were bred.

    With the creation of hardened ants, space elevators and space ships were constructed which lead to the colonisation of the nearest planet Bos 2. This planet was home to a pre-industrial civilisation of around 4.5 million bipedal lizards that were quickly exterminated when the Mier Formica started space bombardments. When the Analyser ants descended upon Bos 2 they found some survivors of the original inhabitants and by analysing these lizards managed to create speaker drones that could be used to communicate with other species if the need ever arrived.

    From this the colony further enhanced their space faring capabilities and transported flora and fauna from Bos 1 to a rocky planet called Silva 3 and through careful calculations managed to terraform it into a jungle. They now seek to expand beyond their solar system to terraform many other planets in the same way and expand their colony.

    Spoiler: Government

    The Mier Formica is lead by a Queen that is located on their home world, high level orders are relayed from the queen to Planetary queens, who in more detail relay these orders to soldier ants who micro manage the worker ants to make sure the overall race benefits of their actions. When the Queen dies the nearest planetary queen receives her collected knowledge and makes her way to Bos 1. The planet she came from is without a planetary queen for 3 days while a new one is bred.

    Spoiler: Resources

    The colony produces large quantities of sap trees (Flora) which can be used for the generation of oxygen and harvesting sweet nectar.

    The colony is unable to produce their own computers and machinery and requires a stream of electronics to sustain the computer ants that accommodate the Intel needed for expansion.

    Spoiler: Philosophy

    The colony believe in balance, that matter cannot be destroyed or created but can be maintained. Misuse of natural resources will lead to degradation of matter and ultimately to the destruction of the universe.

    Learning Centre: Grove of recycle (The balance), the grove on Bos 1 is a perfect example of balance in action, all that is destroyed within is used to create and all that is created will eventually be destroyed to start the cycle anew.

    Spoiler: First Leader

    Tapinoma Mier

    Diplomacy: 4 (3+1)
    Economy: 2
    Intrigue: 2
    Military: 4 (3+1)
    Philosophy: 2
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