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    Default Re: Celestia's Finest OOC: How Do You Pronounce 'Croix' Anyway?

    Quote Originally Posted by Miltonian View Post
    I think that, if you are alright with it, we can just have Elbeyon give us a list of what she gathers from the Bird and move on.
    I'm fine with that? I can devote to finish all the inventions and submit an inventory list for this mission.

    Quote Originally Posted by DigoDragon View Post
    It would make a great weapon, though The Tick is hard to thnk of as scary in any way.

    It's a scheme to charge you three times per visit now.
    Yeah, that's one of the reasons Love destroyed all her Swarms and MicroBots. I really like Swarms too so that was a hard choice! They were so awesome.

    Clever doctors! It's working. Love's medical expenses have about tripped.
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