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Yep. The Swarms weren't nano tech, but they were very small robots. Love was going to go ham on the swarms. Maybe? I don't see that happening.
Rose: "Mmm, ham swarms... with melted cheese on a warm Prench roll..."

I'm sure they'll love that idea. At least they'll always have video games.
Love will get them all the vaccinations!
It would be a slow process to get their immune systems improved, acclimated to a life of real world germs and sickness. But the bubble idea actually sounds kinda nice and private for a while.

Make sure to take them on walks! Hmm, Rose did decently well interacting with Blank. Might have to free up some time if Love needs it.

May they have an easy time adjusting to nurses.
My personal headcanon had always been "Stupid sexy Rose" when interacting with Blank, as in, he hates her, but finds the concept of cyborg doctors interesting.