"Okay, great! Umm, hold on a moment..." Zee mutters as she digs down into her well of power, utilizing the potentiality she had harvested from the perishing fae to bring about the change in the world she's seeking to manifest. She briefly cups her hands together and focuses.

For a moment.

A very, very brief moment, she seems much larger than she appears. The vaguest impression of her true form coiled behind the veil.

Then her hands part, and she's holding a brick.


An object the size and shape of a normal brick someone would use to build a chimney. Except it's made out of something that looks suspiciously like gold. The brick pulses with celestial radiance, filling the air around it with a heavenly melody. Zee holds the brick out to the imp.

"A bit of context, I guess. I finally got a chance to visit the Golden City a little while ago. You know, the whole 'streets are paved with gold' sort of thing? It isn't really gold, just a composite of the Living Word and the Light of Truth. But! I found out the reason behind it! It's a material with the highest information density physically possible. The whole place is a library. So this-" she waggles the brick a few times. "Is a pretty close material analog to the computronium the city is made of. I included the account of my visit there, edited to make it comprehensible and safe to experience. There's still a bunch of storage space left in it, not sure what if anything you would want to record in there."

She offers a smile along with the 'book'.

"I was going to use the resources for something else, but I figure if I can help erase the trouble a fae made for someone I should take the opportunity. A life is precious."

There's a subtle subtext there.

A life is precious.

Or in other words, if the demon messes with the ranger out of demonic jerkishness, they're going to have a bad time.