Pokemon 0.23 version, mostly national spells for Cerulean City.

Also preparing Vermilion City, rough ideas:
-Strong air magic, some earth for magnemites/magnetons... Welp that's kinda it. Maybe a bit of astral since Raichus would eventually have a psychic alternate version and fire to represent the voltorb/electrode's RAGE plus electric pokemon are usually hotblooded.
-Voltorbs and electrodes explode on death.
-Zapdos unique summon.
-Magnetites and magnetons as high protection tanks.
-Electabuzz big HP/Str size 3 ogreish.
-More pikachus.
-Even more pikachus.
-There's really few generation 1 electric pokemon but quite a lot of pikachu variants. So cheap pikachu militia with crappy stats, fast moving pikachus with quick attack, pikachu ranged artillery, vanilla pikachu, luchador sacred cap-only pikachu. Only the vanilla can actually evolve into a Raichu.