The cover of the first issue of San Fransapporo: After Dark is solid black save the lettering. A rather bleak affair.

This cover however leads in media res, the following page showing the barest flicker of light then on to the next where large floodlights illuminate a figure hanging from a circular apparatus that pulls her arms and legs to either side. This disk like prison is suspended in the darkness. The figure, as the next page reveals, is well past middle age with light gray hair sweeping from her temples to run in ribbons through a tight braid. Her arms and legs are exposed, crawling black tattoos moving about iron strong muscles that flex in intervals as if being shocked.

"This gets us to Katakuri Town." a voice from the darkness states. The woman grimaces though from pain or the question it's hard to tell.

"No matter how The Worst Generation handled the fight, no matter the damage done to our most enshrined matter your press conference and victory lap one question has remained in our minds. What were you even doing there in the first place?"

The woman gives another grimace as her body seizes, sweat beading on her brows. "To help The Worst Generation, they needed back up." she manages through clenched teeth.

Another voice, merely another text panel, appears. "We presumed that...but there was help you could have done on the mainland wasn't there? Bruja and Cindersnap were both coordinating with you, your place was here and there's no accounting of you at the final battle with the Storm King. So we have to ask again. Why were you there? What really brought you to Katakuri Town?"

The disk prison hums, panels flashing in bright reds as electrical current sizzles over the prisoner's form eliciting a scream of pain.

"The more you struggle the more this is going to hurt you Impact." the first voice, soft and calm, flickers in. "We want what's best for the city but we can't move forward without knowing the full consequences of the Storm King's assault and the resulting battle. This device was built for meta-humans like you. You can't simply break your way through."

The flickering red lightning subsides, Impact slumping against her restraints with heaving breath.

"Just tell us." The first speaker steps into the light, none other than Master Sun. Somehow standing on the darkness the slim figure of the immortal stands with an almost lazy posture. "We have all the time in the world."

The panels shoot to frame Impact's face. Wrinkles are only now setting in along the edges of her dark eyes, crows feet and laugh lines, but the wrinkles are more than merely skin deep. Her eyes are tired, the weight of time, the weight of friends lost and enemies too, a weight beyond measure lays behind those windows. "Fine." she says.

The entire rest of the first Issue of San Fransapporo: After Dark is merely pages and pages of the previous shot. Impact hanging in her prison, Master Sun hovering in the dark. Text panel after text panel filled with static.

The final page, a stark white of a typical comic, ends with these words. "Discover the truth in the exciting new team comic: Yami No Yojimbo!

Issue One: Called Out in the Dark

The River District is a lively place what with its open air river markets, narrow side streets choked with vendors selling all manner of odds and ends, river side storefronts selling bikes and boats and of course the numerous recreational craft that ply between the markets and other travelers. The ever present pleasure barge of the Warrior can be seen from almost anywhere on the shore of the Pepper River, smaller craft coming and going from the ostentatious beast as it lays anchor in the center of the river.

Adding to the lively and often almost carnival feel of the District is the sound of helicopter blades as they thrum through the air. The Weekly Herald, now a standard of journalistic integrity within the Super Community, has eyes and ears in the sky with their small fleet of helicopter drones. Several circle above one of the larger markets where the uneasy peace of the District has been broken. Televisions and radio alike are quickly overtaken by a breaking news report as smart phones everywhere in the city blare to life. A Meta-Human conflict has broken out.

John Booth Daily's recognizable and oft described as punchable face appears after the breaking news flash. Greetings San Fransapporo! John Booth Daily reporting that the nefarious Coyote Knight and her band of misfits have begun to take hostages in the central River District. Their motives are unknown at this time. They are presumed armed and dangerous. Heroes are cautioned to remain on protecting civilians until trained professionals can come and bring the conflict to a swift resolution.

The panels then break to Coyote Knight and her band, the lanky and limber young woman clad in a dark kimono, he face obscured by a coyote mask, weilding what appers to be a large parasol. Her band are similiar dressed though armed with very real, very sharp weapons. It appears they're searching for something, moving from stall to stall and pushing hostages on to a large speed boat which is where they must have unloaded from.

The mission is clear.

- Rescue the Hostages.
- Minimize damage to the surrounding area, as more civilians are certainly hiding and staying low.

Alternatively, finding what the Knight and her cohorts are looking for (and figuring a way out to do that) might end this without further issues.
The panels break to the team. What were you doing before you got the alert, where were you and how did you get here?