Violet might find that while she can still enjoy her liquor, itís just not the same. Like itís missing something...

Violetís drink is maybe half gone when the cocoon starts to rip and tear. After some fuss and what sounds like cutting...Anri(?) emerges from the cocoon.
At least she still sort of looks like herself. She still has four little black horns crowning her brow, but almost everything else but her general shape seems different. For one, her humanoid section is now a little taller than a humanís, and her spider half has swollen to match, or perhaps even slightly surpass it. Anri now looks like she was modeled after a beautiful gray-skinned drow, but looks...artificial. Like sheís more of an android meant to look like one. Lines along her body glow with a soft magical light, as do her eyes. Sheís also lost her clothes, which isnít really a problem as her chassis doesnít have enough detail to make it inappropriate.
Her lower half is even stranger. It now matches her upper half in material and color. Gray, softly glowing, but perhaps thereís still some elegance to it. What doesnít match is that along the sides of it she has sprouted a number of spigots complete with taps and other useful pieces of equipment.

Anri panics. She feels like her heart should be racing, her breathing should be labored from fear, but she finds that she not only isnít doing either, she canít. She doesnít have lungs, just a gray chassis full of parts.
Anri screams, her voice now sounding almost echoing.