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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: None
    Potential: 0/5

    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: +2
    • Savior: +0
    • Superior: +1
    • Mundane: -1

    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X] Devil or Angel on My Shoulder: When you provoke a teammate to violent action or drastic measures as your Hero Persona, roll with your Alias Label. When you discourage a teammate from going overboard or making an action they canít take back as your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label.
    • [X]Save the Light: When you step in to intervene, help a civilian, or stop a threat roll + your Hero label. On a miss, youíre made to look the fool. Mark a Condition and give ground. On a hit, youíve got someoneís attention. Use it as an opportunity or provoke them to action. On a 10+ your foe must respond in kind or flee.

    Sweeping away from the coyote-masked villain, the panels cut a bit further down the river to an outside view of a floating halohalo shop. Inside is all bright colors and plastic furniture. Hikari, dressed casually in her heather gray A Banditry pullover and jeans, sits eating a cone of blue sea salt ice cream with a young boy sharing her table. The fire burning on top of the boy's head in place of hair doesn't seem to bother him, or anybody else for that matter, as he enjoys a bowl full of crushed ice, assorted fruit, and a bright purple scoop of ube ice cream.

    The news report flashes across the TV hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room. The boy gasps and points his spoon at the TV. "'Kari, look!"

    Hikari glances up at the TV and sighs. "Stay here, Roberto. I'll be right back. Keep eating." Ice cream cone still in hand, Hikari walks down the gangplank to a motorcycle parked on the street. Two helmets hang from the side, one of them child-sized. The bike is a modified Kawasaki Ninja, painted a dark purple. As Hikari bends down to retrieve something from a compartment on the bike, a close-up panel shows a small design painted on the right side of the body in red - a Japanese kanji and a cherry blossom.

    The next panel shows Hikari from the front, standing on the roof of a nearby building. She's holding a pair of tactical field glasses pressed up to her eyes. An earpiece is hooked into her ear, the ice cream held close to her mouth. The magnified reflection of the scene up-river can be seen on the lenses of the field glasses. "Miho, I'm at the River Market. Are you seeing this? Get the others down here. It's go time."
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