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    Quote Originally Posted by Karnitis View Post
    Before I read the rest of your post, I thought to myself "Okay that guy has definitely got some black there with that statement. Made me snort.

    As for my color, I did it a few weeks ago and I remember my black/white being a piddling amount with it being like 60/30/30 Red-Blue-Green. So, Temur with a heavy Red focus.

    I find that funny because as a player, I play with white & black decks more than any of the rest, but I think that's because I like their effects/playstyle more so than the Instants of Izzet or Aggression of Gruul. That said, it is still a very good depiction of me. I am all about personal freedom, and if anyone asked me what my strength was I always say "adaptability" (get it, cuz Simic?).

    I really respect Orzhov, but I think they all take themselves too seriously/they have more conviction than I do. White and Black to me is all doing what you think it right, whether its right for yourself or right for everyone else. Me, I'm breezy. Yeah, I have opinions on things, but if you disagree or think we should do something another way I'll acquiesce. It's all about the path of least resistance.
    I guess that's one of the problems of the whole MtG color philosophies. There's not much room for ambivalence, acceptance or kindness. Even White is the cause of most Protection effects and the cards Crusade and Jihad. Not even Colorless is good for "acceptance", when most Colorless cards are either machines used for murder, or Eldrazzi.

    Bant seems to be the closest there is to the concept, and it's less of "you're fine as you are", but rather "it'll take some time for you to see what's right. Don't worry, we're patient".

    MtG is not a kind universe, I guess.
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