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Thread: Dungeon Master [DM/GM] Registry

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    Name: Tibbius

    Current Games: DM - Traversing Tiny Dungeons; The Rescuers Player - Forgotten Tales of Arda: the Treachery of Rhudaur (TABA)

    Availability to Host Campaigns: Yes
    Contact Information: PM
    Posting Frequency: Intermittent

    Settings I Like: Athas, Lemuria, Urban Arcana, Mythic Egypt, Discworld, Hyboria, Xoth, The Fjarrstrand Sagas, the Giant's New World

    Systems I'm Willing to Run: There and Back Again; Barbarians of Lemuria; Old School Hack, Adventure Fantasy Game, Risus, Tiny Dungeon, nevers, Tiny Frontiers,
    Sorcerors & Sellswords

    Preferred Campaign Types: Swords & sorcery, horror, fairy tale, intrigue, hexcrawling, military

    Past Games: DM - World of Xoth; Pursuing the Exiled Prince; Saqqara and the Restless Dead (ancient Egypt, Barbarians of Lemuria, horror, intrigue, swords & sorcery); Unintended Consequences (Risus, Athas, Dark Sun re-imagined); Thieves' World (BoL Hack) - Game Thread; Defenestration of King Bryce (Risus, the Giant's world, revolution, plots); Free Ferelden; Ten Thousand Tombs; Sword of Heaven; Athens has Fallen; Goblintown
    Player - Iron and Ice.
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    Sometimes Listening; Sometimes Reading; Conan the Barbarian; Tros of Samothrace; The White Company; The Black Company; Smith of Wootton Major
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