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Hmm. Honestly I think itís more that each color represents a spectrum. White representing purity and unity can be channeled through concepts of forgiveness and redemption. But they can also be used as a rationale for atrocities. I believe fascism was once called out as being a kind of white/green philosophy just taking the worst aspects of a view of natural order.
Indeed. White can be more universally oppressive while Green is more about might makes right, social darwinism, eugenics, dog eat dog world, alpha males and pack mentality. which black opposes, because green's philosophy is about how strength is inherent and how you can't fight that, while black is about strength is earned and defying fate for your own desires.

its why I don't necessarily see any mana color as inherently good or evil, nor particularly like any portrayal of them as just another form of alignment. like a philosophy by itself doesn't determine whether your a good person, there is question of application, of how far does the philosophy extend. and we're not given a clear line about who is and isn't one mana or another, there is no hard requirements in order to be this philosophy or that philosophy. in theory five perfectly normal friends can be each a different color and all get along well in their daily lives. one would be the emotional one, one would be the moral center, one would be the smart guy, one would be environmental guy, and one would be that cynical friend who probably cheats at games.

its a question how much holding yourself to a manas philosophy is about what you choose or whether its about letting it take over your life, how zealous do you have to be before you stop being colorless or whatever. given how how common the colors are, and how many people use mana, it doesn't seem all that rare or need particularly strong or extreme beliefs in one mana or another. people just naturally seem to gravitate to one or the other.