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    Quote Originally Posted by Dienekes View Post
    Likely the most driven environmental scientist in history. Perhaps a bit of a showboater needs to have their name plastered over every paper that even mentions their research, but uses their publicity to further enhance their field.

    Yeah I never played the set or read more than the brief synopsis about the setting. But I get the impression all the guilds in Ravnica are at least a little ****.
    I bet he even has his own show where he depicts himself as “saving the world”, even selling biodegradable merchandise to fans around the world to pad his bottom line.

    Edit: This got my gears turning—I work 3 jobs—Pharmacy Tech, Public School Teacher, and Private Tutor. I am unapologetically out for myself and maximizing my profits as an individual, but a degree in Environmental Entrepreneurship would have been better than the generalist degree I got in undergrad. I may look at masters or doctorate programs that are similar.
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