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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: None
    Potential: 0/5

    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +0
    • Danger: +0
    • Savior: +1
    • Superior: +2
    • Mundane: +0

    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X] Been Reading the Files: Youíve learned about the superhuman world through your mentorís resources. When you first encounter an important superpowered phenomenon (your call), roll + Superior. On a hit, tell the team one important detail youíve learned from your studies. The GM will tell you what, if anything, seems different from what you remember. On a 10+, ask the GM a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly. On a miss, the situation is well outside your base of knowledge; the GM will tell you why.
    • [X]Be Mindful of Your Surroundings: When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss.
    • [X]Venting Frustration: When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the label your mentor denies (Mundane) and clear Angry.

    Sliding swiftly away, the panel cuts to across the river to a street lined with restaurants, and focuses in on a surprisingly dolled up Max. At least by Max standards. Sporting a button-down shirt and a blazer, Max peers down at his phone with an increasingly inscrutable look. Only half in frame, an even more formally dressed and redheaded figure stands to the side and slightly behind him, seeming to peer over Maxís shoulder at the screen, but only part of their face can be seen.
    ď...I have to go...Ē

    On my way.
    Cutting to a close up of Maxís phone screen, it shows his equally simple response to the group chat.

    The panel snaps ahead in time, to a pair of combat boots hitting the Ďgroundí, steam jetting out from beneath the thick rubber soles on impact. Dress shoes have been quickly traded out, it seems. Tsunami stands up smoothly from his landing, seen perched on a rooftop as the panel zooms out, hazel eyes skimming the streets below. His normally hawk-like stare is not quite as focused and intense as usual, instead somewhat conflicted and distracted, though the Oni mask hides the rest of his face and thus the full extent of his expression.

    The call could not have come at a worse moment. Despite his best efforts, Max finds that his mind is still only half present, the other part still reeling from his previous meeting. His stomach is unsettled, his heart racing already. Or had it ever stopped? Heíd been riding adrenaline for a while now. Far too many emotions swim together in his head and chest; guilt, concern, uncertainty, and a myriad of others. Heís completely off balance and he knows it, and that only makes him angry. Which isnít going to help anything.

    D*mmit, FOCUS, idiot! Work now, personal sh*t later. Címon! Max tries to mentally slap himself back into a state of concentration, though that churning feeling doesnít leave his stomach, or even calm just a little.

    Taking a deep though not necessarily slow breath, Tsunami tries his very best to re-center himself and figure out what exactly the Coyote cohorts were up to, his figure shown in silhouette as the panel zooms out, the handle of his massive kanabō held taught by one hand with the body slung across his shoulders for support. Steam curls away from the mouth of his mask like smoke from a dragon as he breathes out in a huff. Time was ticking. What was happening?

    ďIím here. Getting a lay of the land.Ē Tsunamiís voice joins Hikariís and Roninís in the voice chat.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Welp, rolled a 5 for Assess the Situation, but using the bonus of Be Mindful of Your Situation to ask:

    What here can I use to: find out what they're searching for?
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