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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Ground Zero
    Conditions: None

    Spoiler: Labels

    Freak: +1
    Danger: +2
    Savior: 0
    Superior: +1

    Spoiler: Moves

    In a China Shop: When you directly engage a threat, you can cause significant collateral damage to your environment to choose an additional option, even on a miss.
    Physics? What physics: When you unleash your powers to barrel through an insurmountable barrier, roll + Danger instead of + Freak.
    -Defender: When you leap to defend your love or rival in battle, roll + Danger instead of + Savior to defend them.

    The panel shifts from rooftops to ground level, focusing on Kai, sitting near one of the river markets and enjoying some street food he could pronounce the name of. Only for his meal to be interrupted by his phone buzzing. He pulls the device out of his pocket and checks the alert, just as a tide of people go rushing past, seemingly desperate to get away from something.

    I guess that's were the trouble is, he thinks to himself as he quickly wolfs down the rest of his food. Standing up, he starts to make his way through the rush of people, until the crowd starts to thin out and he catches sight of the Coyote gang. Slipping into an alleyway, he puts his earpiece in and joins the voice chat. "This is GZ, I'm on site. Does anyone know what that Coyote lady's deal is? I'm not too worried about the goons, but I really don't wanna take another shot from one of those rail-thingies."
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