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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: None
    Potential: 1/5

    The next panel is a broad panorama, the borders steadily changing from stylized precision to flowing curves as the eye tracks along the page. A geometric pattern of black and white separates it from the next, a suddenly cut in to focus on a dumpster and the girl crouching behind it. Cautiously Cindy pulls her hoodie over her head, folding it up and squishing it into her backpack, while both eyes remain fixed on the masked figure* prowling nearby.

    Flicking her ponytail back over her shoulder, Cindy reaches it for the second, larger case sitting on the ground, fingers pulling the zip back with just the faintest of clicks. Sliding a hand inside, she gradually lifts out the long-handled blade and begins to straighten up, eyes still fixed on one of Coyote's squires.

    And then her phone rings.

    She fumbles in her pocket, nearly dropping her Nifo Oti, while the dulcet tones of her ring-tone sound**. Ripping the black Nokia out of her pants, Cindy slams her fingers on the 'decline call' button, before abruptly freezing as the animal mask swings back her direction. Half-crouched in the shadows of the dumpster, Cindy holds her breath and hopes. The squire stares in her direction for a long second, then turns back, and Moonshadow thanks the lord that she'd had the volume fairly low, before slowly extracting the offending item from her pocket.

    The call, was, unsurprisingly, from her sister, and Cindy fishes out her earbuds to listen to the message, leaving one in while sliding the second back into her pocket. Her face pinches slightly at the worry in her sis's voice, before she lifts the phone to her mouth and whispers quietly into the mike.

    "I'm on the ground floor, having a look around. Where d'you want me to be?"

    Then, her face melding into a faintly predatory smile, Cindy slips across the alleyway and slides into the shadows of a doorway, already planning her next move.

    *Moonshadow is well aware that, despite popular opinion, one eye is not really enough to watch someone properly. This is especially true when that person is armed with a very large sword.


    Spoiler: OOC
    Just straight up Creeping... (2d6+2)[9]

    I'm going to go for: who or what is not what they seem? and what's my best way in/out?
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