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    The Lion
    Conditions: *Hopeless (-2 on Unleash going forward)
    Potential: 0/5
    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: +0
    • Savior: +1
    • Superior: +0
    • Mundane: +1
    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X]Words of the past: When you seek the guidance of one of your elders or a member of your legacy, tell them a problem you face, and ask them a question about the problem. They will answer it honestly, and tell you what to do. Take +1 ongoing if you listen. If you go your own way, mark potential.
    • [X]Never give up, never surrender: When you take a powerful blow from someone with far greater power than you, use this move instead of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a condition.

    We hold on Moonshadow's smile as it fades into darkness. A caption, MOMENTS EARLIER, ACROSS THE RIVER...

    Turn to a two-page spread. Golden, A vista of the Midday Sun casting its light onto the crowd of boats that dot the river around the Warrior's grand pleasure-barge. Tight in the foreground is an old asian-style rooftop; In the background the door to the building bears the clear marks of a Teleportal. Prince Mosi hangs from the building's sign as he gazes out onto the river, in-costume but mask-less; one claw on the sign and the other wrapped around the Mane of the Hunter. Its chin-strap dangles in the river breeze.

    In the bottom left corner is an artist's rendering of a small Dial. It reads from 0 to 50 MPH. Its hand is at 0.

    "I do not doubt she's dangerous, GZ. That is exactly why we're taking her out of the fight first! Ronin, can I get their coordinates? We got this, guys -- I'm going in hot."

    Next page, we cut in close on a teenage girl sunbathing on a small yacht. Her headphones blare music; her phone screen reflects in her sunglasses as she looks up HOW TO EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM YOUR PARENTS. Behind her, her parents scream and shout. Her mother holds and points at a Blackberry equivalent to her husband, who waves his arms wide, his face engorged in veiny fury.

    A series of burst panels: Mosi closes his eyes and smiles. He lets go of the sign and falls off the rooftop. He grabs at the brick behind him; sparks fly off the metal tips of his claws as he slides down. He pulls his helm on and clicks the strap shut; its mane sprouts out in a massive cloud of fur behind him.

    Sekhmet, give me speed! The Lion bounces across rooftops, through a fire escape and just as he slides over a railing, he tosses out his spear. It flies through air and PIERCES the Blackberry with a THUNK! Mosi flies onto the boat and lands on the spear, planted at an angle in the yacht's wooden deck. It bends under his weight faithfully. He looks over at the girl.

    "Sorry! Pleasedonotthrowoutmyspea-AHHH--!!"

    Before he can finish, Mosi is gone! Flung by the recoil of his spear, he goes through the panel border, leaving it behind with another Dial -- clocking him in at 35 MPH! The Girl, sunglasses and headphones askew from the wind, stares in shock.

    Cut back to the Lion IN MOTION as he grabs at a flagpole. We pull out to see it's on the tallest, most ostentatious yacht in the river -- The Warrior's pleasure-barge.

    The Lion crunches his abs together with all his might, sending him spinning around the pole. He lets go. Shoots into the sky. The Dial breaks as passes its limit, HITTING 60 MPH, as Mosi soars into position -- high in the air above the Coyote -- The Lion grins. Flicks on his comm. Then waits for gravity to drop him in.

    "Lion in place! Let's pounce!!"

    EDIT: Mosi scans the market and sees Coyote's gang members with their swords drawn to hostages; Coyote herself barking orders. And no Yojimbo in sight. $%#! Just him against them all. Thoughts of THE BEAST CREEPS INTO THE BACK OF HIS MIND. Sekhmet, what have I gotten my team into... The memory of an impossible fight, his first fight, sinks into his gut -- A sense of dread tugs at and dulls his connection to his powers.

    Spoiler: OoC
    The Lion rolls to unleash his power of Legendary Speed to reshape the river into a jungle gym, allowing him to get into position to strike the Coyote directly. (2d6+1)[7] I marked a condition to keep the effect from being unstable or temporary.

    * post roll count doesn't match database
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