Potential: 0/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: +1
  • Danger: +2
  • Savior: +0
  • Superior: +1
  • Mundane: -1

Spoiler: Moves
  • [X] Devil or Angel on My Shoulder: When you provoke a teammate to violent action or drastic measures as your Hero Persona, roll with your Alias Label. When you discourage a teammate from going overboard or making an action they canít take back as your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label.
  • [X]Save the Light: When you step in to intervene, help a civilian, or stop a threat roll + your Hero label. On a miss, youíre made to look the fool. Mark a Condition and give ground. On a hit, youíve got someoneís attention. Use it as an opportunity or provoke them to action. On a 10+ your foe must respond in kind or flee.

"Good response time, people." As everybody sounds off, Hikari checks their locations on the map. A blow-up panel shows her map display of the River Market with chibi hero-heads of each teammember.

Something flashing out over the river catches Hikari's attention. She whips the field glasses around in time to catch The Lion catapulting through the air...right into the thick of things! Tell me he didn't. She sighs. He did.

"Look alive, everybody. The Lion volunteered for distraction duty. Sunburst, you're on defense. See if you can cordon the goons in the Lion's den. Tsunami, GZ, Moonshadow, see what he can do about the hostages on those boats. Civilians are priority, let's not make this bigger than it needs to be."

"Ronin, what do you have for me? Any idea who they are or what they want?"

Spoiler: OOC
Rolled 11 to assess the situation.

It seems pretty obvious what the biggest threat (mob of mooks + boss) is and what's in the greatest danger (hostage boats). Nobody seems vulnerable to me given that I'm nowhere close. So that leaves us:

1. How could we best end this quickly?
2. What can the team use to take control of the hostages?

I realize number 2 is modified from the standard question. I'm hoping that Hikari can see something from her vantage point to help the team out, maybe using the environment to our advantage?