Razade, The GM

The panels snap back to Coyote Knight and her merry band of ne'er do wells and fellow villains, the panel framed as The Lion leaps into the scene feet first. "Oh no you don't." is all Coyote Knight manages to get out as she dives to the side, parasol unfurling like a large and colorful shield as her minions scatter. The panels then quickly cut to the rest of the team, divided though they might be.


Your hacking attempts are thwarted, sadly, by the general firewalls one might expect in a city filled with various meta-humans. You've not tripped any alarms or otherwise alerted authorities to your attempts at various CCTV nodes but you're not getting the access you'd really rather like to have. To make matters worse whatever alarms you have of your own in your lab begin to indicate someone has approached your front door. This of course distracts from any real information you might glean from the cameras you do have access to.

Who are you expecting, or not expecting, on a nice Friday afternoon? The better question is, how are you going to handle their sudden appearance on your doorstep when your team needs you to be their eyes? Do you have contingencies just for these occurrences?

Tsunami, Hikari

The panels cut back to the River Districts streets and the team on the scene. First is Tsunami.

There certainly seems to be a system the Coyote Knight's people are using as they go street stall and small store to street stall and small store, bringing more people out from each and near the river. They're not searching people, the hostages seeming to be more insurance as they rip apart storefronts for whatever it is they're looking for. The panels are quick to Hikari, likewise using their vantage point to figure out the best avenue for assault.

Coyote Knight already seems primed with her hostages, the whole effort coordinated to be a mess for anyone trying to step into the situation. With The Lion already doing so, there's no doubt that the situation has taken a turn. Finding what she's looking for and denying her that would probably end the street fight. There's the issue of the hostages, taking control of the boat would be a fight. The Knight and her subordinates have quite a few guards standing ready to speed off. Taking them out would net you the lion's share of their bargaining chip however.


Your vantage from the dark alleys affords you cover from the chaos slowly unfolding in the small square the Coyote Knight and her people have formed up in. The Lion's intrusion non-withstanding, or perhaps the only reason you might have caught this small detail at all, you see a momentary flash from one of the many second story windows that overlooks the quaint plaza. A lens of some kind, someone watching from the safety of a second story window. This is no navel gazer, not some youtube wannabe. The lens flare could only trace back to someone watching The Lion as they descend from the sky.

Your team are not the only ones with people playing overwatch.

It's a crazy idea but it seems the only one afforded to you. The Band member you've been stalking is just the right size for you. You could easily take their uniform and blend into the group. You'd have to get it from them however and it's unlikely they'll just give it to you if you ask nicely. What do you do?

Sunbust, Ground Zero, The Lion

The rest of the team seems silent on how best to proceed though for Sunburst and Ground Zero...that ship might have sailed. The Lion leaps into the fray with all the pomp and circumstance one might expect for a Prince in Exile, the crowd and the Coyote Knight and friends reacting as one might expect. As if someone had hit a hornet's nest with a shovel. It goes about as well as one might expect it to get for the person holding the shovel as well. A flurry of motion erupts from the Coyote's Band, several dead sprinting to the hostage boat as others square up with The Lion.

"One more step and this is all over, hero." The Coyote Knight snarls, parasol aimed at The Lion in a far more threatening manner than one would ever expect from such a tool. "This doesn't concern you, we'll let you go if you play nice. We're on the same side. You'll understand once we've got what we came for." She doesn't seem panicked, her tone as steady as her weapon.

The others are watching, certainly, the rest of you are in position for a fight. What do you do?