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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: None
    Potential: 1/5

    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +0
    • Danger: +1
    • Savior: +1
    • Superior: +1
    • Mundane: +0

    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X] I'll Show Them: When you defend someone who doesn’t believe in you, you can always take Influence over them, even on a miss.
    • [X]All The Best Stuff: You’ve compiled access to caches of equipment and weaponry other supers have hidden in the city. When you access a cache, say whose cache it is. If it’s a hero’s, roll + Savior. If it’s a villain’s, roll + Danger. On a hit, you find a tool or intel useful to your situation; the GM will detail. On a 7-9, you leave evidence that you’ve been here. On a miss, you tripped an alarm and they’re coming; prepare to explain yourself.

    Text box in the panel's corner, a chibi-Hikari head indicating she's the speaker.

    "…Ronin, what do you have for me? Any idea who they are or what they want?"

    A close up panel on Miho's face shows a furrowed brow that suggests frustration on her part.

    "I've got nothing but—" She's interrupted by Chisei popping up an alert on her smart glasses about the front door motion sensor. "…but a poorly timed visitor. We'll get you some info, wait one," she requested. A dramatic low-angle action panel, complete with speed lines, shows her whirling the chair toward the door into the house proper.

    "Chisei, data search; track down all references online to the Coyotes in the past two years and analyze for patterns that might suggest what they're looking for," she asks of her digital friend. "Route any results to Hikari; monitor and notify me if anything critical happens with the team that needs me." The next panel has her entering a kitchen, still in motion as she heads for the front door.

    UNDERSTOOD; WE HAVE GOT THIS COVERED, MIHO, Chisei prints in bold across her glasses. Close-up panel of Miho's finger hitting a MUTE button on her chair's controls, and then she's at the door with its camera display.

    Chisei, take a note; we need to duplicate the door camera feed to the lab."


    Taking a breath, she keys the controls for the front door camera to see who has come a calling. At the least opportune time, too! Who could it be – Girl Guides? Neighbourhood Watch? The neighbour wanting to borrow a cup of sugar? Lightbringer herself?

    Hopefully not that last one. She's not exactly dressed for it.

    Spoiler: Crunch
    Machine Control to have Chisei search out and look for patterns in past Coyote criminal activities, monitor team network and keep her apprised of critical situations: 11
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